Albums | Baldo Verdú fuses soulful pop melodies with afro-Latin on “AMOR”

Posted by on March 28, 2023

Baldo Verdú’s music is a unique blend of electronic and organic rhythms that is both soulful and pop-driven. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Verdú grew up in a family of folkloric musicians, and this artistic upbringing is evident in his music. He started his musical journey by mastering the vivacity of afro-Venezuelan percussion, and later gravitated towards the guitar, which allowed him to connect his heritage with more universally known music styles such as pop, rock, jazz, soul, and funk.

‘Amor’ is a catchy and melodically flowing track that showcases Baldo’s multi-genre approach to music. It is a fun-filled and emotive track that asserts him as a multi-disciplined artist who is to be taken seriously. Baldo’s goal is to explore the roots and traditions of his culture, and he achieves this by fusing afro-Latin drums with pop melodies, creating a unique sound that is both electronic and organic.

R&B | Talii introduces her unique blend of alternative R&B via “Scars in the Dark”

Posted by on March 24, 2022

Up-and-coming Orlando based singer/songwriter Tallii is heavily influenced by 90s and early 2000s R&B and pop, and it’s pretty clear in her sulky smooth sound. Her new single “Scars in the Dark” has a soulful and hybrid R&b vibe to it that will leave you wanting more. Tap in above now!

“This song was like therapy for me to write . It was almost like writing a letter of things I wish I said out loud to my ex’s that did me wrong. Like many people, I’ve been through some really shitty relationships in my past . One thing every bad relationship had in common, was even though I would stay longer than I probably should have .. I always got to my breaking point where I woke up and realized I’ve had enough and It’s time to walk away. This is basically that moment in a song.” – Talii

Hip-Hop | San Francisco Duo The Jealous Guys drop “North Face Sermon”

Posted by on January 5, 2022

San Francisco based Hip Hop duo The Jealous Guys, made up of Casa and Yin, are on the rise thanks to their conscious and soulful Bay Area Street style that pays tribute to Hip Hop culture as a whole. The group’s new track “North Face Sermon” off of their album ‘Art of Hip Hop Vol. 1’ via Audio Vandals has an expansive and explosive beat that booms larger than life. Check it out above now and keep these guys on your radar.


Electronic | “Get Into You” by Husky is a masterpiece

Posted by on November 2, 2016

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Australian producer Husky is set to release his latest single “Get Into You” featuring the soulful vocals of Andre Espeut. Just in time for an Australian summer, the single is a playful, jazz-house cut that will no doubt soundtrack endless summer nights. Trumpet solos, a classic piano-house beat, and powerful vocals set the stage for this masterpiece. Husky said that he “really wanted to write something organic and soulful that could stand up for years to come,” and we think he did just that! Check out “Get Into You” now and be sure to keep tabs on Husky by following his socials!

Alternative, RnB | Heartstreets – Under My Skin (prod. by Ganja White Night)

Posted by on July 29, 2016

I am pretty blown away by the strength of this tune, and I really wanted to share this amazing duo from Canada. Heavy hip hop influence with cool soulful vocals, this is an amazing tune to just blast while you’re driving. Lets also not forget that these amazing lyrics are sitting on top of heavy hitter Ganja White Night productions. Make sure you checkout their other tunes here and give them a follow: Heartstreets! This isn’t the only smash they have, have fun enjoying their music.

Electronic | White Panda take on a completely new sound with their remix to “Fuel To The Fire”

Posted by on March 31, 2016

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We all know them for their killer mashups and mixes, but today I’m proud to give you White Panda’s latest remix. The duo put their spin on Rationale’s “Fuel To The Fire” – giving the track a futuristic trap vibe. Combining the soulful vocals with an electronic twist breathes new life into the original, making it one that is perfect as we enter summer. It’s different than anything the duo has ever done before, so be sure to check it out now!

Electronic | Donatachi’s remix to Monomyth’s “Skytree” is a must listen

Posted by on March 23, 2016

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Australian producer Donatachi just shared a must listen remix of a track called ’Skytree’ by fellow Sydney producer Monomyth. The track, which is being released as part of a remix EP, features the beautiful vocals of the original with an almost ‘tropical’ vibe to create a track that is soulful and soothing. Donatachi and Monomyth are giving this one away as a free download, so be sure to grab it now and jam to it as the sun is out and shining again!