Chill | Bronze Whale Release Impressive Full-Length Album “The Shape Of Things”

Posted by on April 11, 2019

Showcasing a blend of electronic, indie, and folk mannerisms, Bronze Whale, aka, Aaron Jacques and Benny Alley, have created their own lane in which fans have joined in along for the ride. Having been in the game for few years now, their name and sound have had time to incubate and, this month, the duo have released a full length album titled The Shape Of Things.

The album contain a smooth vibe thread that stitches the many originals and collaborators together. Artist like Jet Horns, Khai, and many others all injecting their venom into this LP. Bronze Whale have been around the block to say the least, working with Adventure Club to Felix Cartel, and garnering support from SiriusXM Chill, Entertainment Weekly, Thump, DJ Mag, and many other outlets.