Electronic | 3lau launches Not-for-profit label with new track “Is It Love”

Posted by on April 12, 2016

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3LAU is well known for all his work off the stage, but now, the young Las Vegas producer and DJ has taken his philanthropic work to a whole new level. On April 8th, 3LAU officially launched ‘blume’, the first not-for-profit dance music label with a mission to unite dance music listeners world-wide around philanthropic causes. With the start of a label, 3LAU gives us his brand new track, “Is It Love” featuring the lovely vocals of Yeah Boy. While different from what we’ve heard from 3LAU, it still contains the emotional aspect we’ve found in all of his music. This track is a must listen and must download, especially with all earned sales and streams of the record being donated to Pencils of Promise, an education-based nonprofit that funds school construction in the developing world. We salute you, Justin Blau. Thank you for making a difference.

Compilation, Electronic | Rooftops Horizon Compilation Vol. 1

Posted by on July 28, 2014

Startup labels seem to be all the rage these days. Thanks to the success of independent outlets such as Soulection and Pilerats, to name a few, off-the-radar artists have hit the internet jackpot. Today’s startup spotlight goes to Rooftops Horizon, a label based out of Paris, the city of love and great music. This compilation features tracks from some of our current favorite producers such as Rusty Hook, salute, and Renz, alongside some new names, JL and Romby. Snatch this free download for some blissful listening this Monday evening. (I’ve had “Gold Rush” on repeat for an hour now)