House | Thomas Gold & Dirty South – Alive

Posted by on July 25, 2011

Arty is blowing up with his remix of Ferry Corstan’s Punk and his highly successful Around the World single, he is primed to make it big time. Kate will help him get there , with its melodic piano and synths and vocals put in a few places to make a great song. Release August 29th. Finally after two months of hearing live rips or Pete Tong radio rips of this song, Thomas Gold and Dirty South have given us this masterpiece. The vocals from Kate Elsworth are perfect with the beat as it builds up and the drop is amazing with its stunning bass line and synth work. This is a great song for the summer and will be played all across the world at every festival for a long time.
DOWNLOAD: Dirty South & Thomas Gold ft. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Original Mix) MUST DL

House | Avicii Remix – “Drowning” Final Cut | Progressive House

Posted by on February 25, 2011

From video rips to radio recordings, Avicii has finally dropped the Final Cut of this HOT progressive house remix. Shout out to Middy in the Chat Box for bringing this to our attention. Laura V’s voice always complimented the original very well and with the remixing I think it does that job even better. Armin Van Buuren is an old favorite of mine, and I have to thank Avicii for turning this great track into a WORK OF ART. This track is an obvious MUST DOWNLOAD.

DOWNLOAD: Armin Van Buuren – Drowning feat. Laura V (Avicii Remix)

Electro, Hip-Hop | ELECTRO HIP-HOP | 90’s Finest remixes Strobe, Bromance, and More

Posted by on December 19, 2010

This video is too good, Geico needs to buy the rights to this material. The original line up of cars is at least 6 deep and to really f*ck everyones day up this enormous plow truck comes in steammminggg making this the equivalent to a 16 car accident. Anyways on to the post… Strobe and Bromance? Doesnt get much better than that and even though some of the verses seem overly auto-tuned, I can get past it. I can also get past the blatant rips off Sam Adams tracks. In fact I’m not just past all these things, I actually like this group. If you’re looking for some new renditions to the classic tracks 90’s Finest remixed give these an ear…

90’s Finest – Seek — Bromance Remix

90’s Finest – Strobe

90’s Finest – Younger than me — Cooler Than Me Remix

90’s Finest – Recluse