Bass, House | Phenatiks Keep Dark House Style Going With Original “Drop It”

Posted by on June 22, 2018

Two Cali-based Icon Collective artists are in the depths of a bass-house journey as their somewhat haunting, certainly mysterious singles continue to creep up. “Drop Out” is next in a line from a recent herd that seem to come from a common place. PhilZen and Jinjun – the two soloist who make up the group – have been toying with the idea of Phenatiks as a duo since last year. 2018 has seen a continuation of the idea for the two and increase in support from a decent range of taste-makers. “Drop It” is set to be a substantial addition to the catalog as Phenatiks keep hitting the beat in more ways than one.

Bass, House | Phenatiks Unleash Bass House Banger “That Bass”

Posted by on January 15, 2018

Fish Scale and Phenatiks join forces to bring you their brand new single “That Bass”. With clean, meticulous production complimenting the hard-hitting bass and synths, Fish Scale and Phenatiks’ collaboration marks an exciting new addition to the bass house genre. They further heighten the energy of the track by mixing in chopped vocal samples at varied tempos, giving the song an extra punch. 2017 was already a memorable year for this trio, between Tchami’s Confession label releasing Fish Scale’s music and Phenatiks earning over 100,000 streams for their group releases and side projects. “That Bass” proves they’re ready to take things to another level in 2018.

House | Phenatiks Drops House Influenced Single “Tour Guide”

Posted by on December 7, 2017

In a world filled with excessive social media campaigns and self-promotion, the Phenatiks are an interesting anomaly. Comprised of PhilZen and jinjun, the innovative production duo prefers to let their music speak for itself by keeping a low key online profile. Enthusiasm for their new single “Tour Guide” and their previous release “Your Body” indicates that their production is more than capable of standing on its own merits. On “Your Body” the Phenatiks dive into the world of tribal house with a fierce drum track and some distinct vocal chops. Their fresh take one dance music is already generating quite a response on SoundCloud and leaving listeners eager for their next track. With a steadily growing fan base, expect to hear much more from them in the coming months.