Hip-Hop | Paul Markham Feat. Mike Stud – Speaks for Itself

Posted by on June 19, 2011

Lyricists, Paul Markham and Mike Stud team up to bring you “Speaks for Itself.” DEfinetly looking forward to more from these guys as they continue to make their mark on the Frat Rap game.

DOWNLOAD: Paul Markham Feat. Mike Stud – Speaks for Itself

Hip-Hop | Paul Markham – The Prelude | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 11, 2011

Here at FNT, we have been behind Paul Markham since day one. After the release of his debut mixtape Beg to differ, we were immediately hooked and fiending for more. Well, its safe to say that the Prelude is just the Markham fix that we have been waiting for… If you are diggin this mixtape (and you will be), show Paul some love on his facebook.

DOWNLOAD: Paul Markham – Start It Up

DOWNLOAD: Paul Markham – Stereo Love

DOWNLOAD: Paul Markham – Monster Remix

Download the full mixtape here

Hip-Hop | Paul Markham, Goone, and Split Second | Hip-Hop

Posted by on February 2, 2011

Paul Markham may be from the ‘burbs, but talk about a mic killer. Paul’s final remix mixtape is coming out February 11th.

Goone made some good use of the auto-tune on this track. Listen and you will be HYPNOTIZED.

DOWNLOAD: Goone – Hypnotized ft. O.V. (prod. by Judge)


Split Second has been releasing some hot tracks for the past month. Only word to describe this remix, FIRE.

DOWNLOAD:Split Second – Follow Your Heart (Remix)


Mixtapes, Videos | Paul Markham- Believe In Make Believe (Video)

Posted by on October 18, 2010

Gaining steady buzz and notoriety after dropping his mixtape, “Beg To Differ“, Paul gives us the visual treatment to one of my favorite tracks off his tape. As a bonus, I added the actual mixtape if you haven’t already downloaded it. If you’re sleeping on Paul Markham, now’s the time to wake up. By the way, who spotted 5 And A Dime and the sartorialist Alex Heckmann in the video?

Paul Markham- Believe In Make Believe

Paul Markham- Beg To Differ (Mixtape)

Hip-Hop | Cam Meekins ft Chris Webby – Fast Lane

Posted by on September 6, 2010

Cam Meekins (yet another artist hailing from Boston) recently teamed up with CrossCoast Interactive to seriously promote his music and hopefully solidify his name amongst the growing group of white rappers emerging in this game. These kids are smart, they stick together and utilize one another strengths. Take this track, for example. While Cam kills the catchy hook and some bars, Webby throws down some head bobbing flows. I’m expecting a lot from the likes of Chris Webby, Mac Miller, Cam Meekins, Paul Markham, NaPalm, etc. in the months to come. Catch Cam at Cross Coast Interactive or on facebook.

Cam Meekins – Fast Lane feat. Chris Webby (4 Stars)

Hip-Hop | Paul Markham Needs Your Help

Posted by on August 9, 2010

Let’s face it…the kids been killing it. FNT is asking you guys to do two things, first, watch the video beneath this post of Markham absolutely destroying the kid in a freestyle battle, second, click HERE and join the group so Markham can get on the bill for a show at UMASS. If anyone deserves it, its Paul Markham, he’s got some new fire in the works that we’ll have the exclusive leak to coming your way soon. Join the group!

Paul Markham – Fly Like a G6 Remix(4 stars)

Videos | Epic Battle – Markham STAND UP

Posted by on August 9, 2010

As some of you may know, I’ve been completely SLAMMED with things to do in CA (haircut, pool, food, vegas, etc) which explains why you haven’t seen many posts from me lately. Well at some point when I wasn’t destroying the 207 club in the Hard Rock San Diego hotel, I came across this GEM from none other than bostonboy’s UMass opener, Paul Markham (formerly called Northern Clap). The vid starts off slow so skip to 3:14 – kid’s ruthless and I love it. Shit got me so jacked up. Markham basically just unzips his pants, starts swinging his willy around and eventually smacks the kid in the face a couple times.