Mix, Progressive House | FNT presents #SomethingBIG #033 – Stafford Brothers & NERVO

Posted by on September 16, 2013

Stafford Brothers Something Big 33
The Stafford Brothers are currently on their Aussie Invasion tour across the US, accompanied on various stops by fellow Aussies, Hook N Sling and Feenixpawl. They have been invading America for a couple years now, as their now former-neighbors in LA would tell you, but this is more official. We had the chance to catch them Saturday at Finale and it is wild time. We brought you the 23rd episode of #SomethingBIG and now we followup 10 episodes later with the 33rd episode. This time around, they catch up with fellow Aussies and top birds Nervo, who go behind the scenes on a few of their productions. Tracklist after the jump.


Electronic, Progressive House | 3LAU, Paris & Simo ft Bright Lights – Escape (No Pets Allowed Remix)

Posted by on September 16, 2013

No Pets Allowed’s manager Ken sent this over last night, and it’s an epic remix of 3LAU, Paris & Simo, and Bright Lights’ “Escape.” At the moment there is no download link as he submitted this for a remix competition on Beatport, and I wish him luck. Much like most EDM music being released at the moment, this remix incorporates elements of progressive house, dubstep, and trance, and I love it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this remix made its way onto the set list of many festival DJs, it’s that good! Must listen! Great work No Pets Allowed, keep them coming!

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Events, Review | Paris & Simo @ Lavo NYC 7/27/13 (Review)

Posted by on August 6, 2013

Paris & Simo LAvo NYC

Anybody familiar with high-end nightlife in NYC, knows Lavo and its reputation for an incredibly strict door, good-looking patrons, over-priced drinks and top-line DJs. There are plenty of places in NYC with the first three, but few have added the last one to their repertoire.

On this particular night, I was a bit sluggish from getting home from a rather aggressive night of drinking with Moiez the night before, thus I was hoping Paris & Simo would bring it to keep me going. After quickly crushing a Red Bull at a nearby Duane Reed, a walked down the familiar block of 58th in between Park & Madison, seeing drunk dudes and chicks spilling out of cabs and town cars, yelling at each other as if their hearing was already gone before they made their way into the proper line. Navigating the line is an art, pushing your way through entitled VIPs and b-rate models, just hoping to be seen by somebody, it is your job to be noticed in the mixture of plastic…. and plastic.



Progressive House | Paris & Simo, Merk & Kremont – Tundra

Posted by on July 3, 2013

Paris & Simo, Merk & Kremont - TundraAs their collaboration with 3LAU, “Escape” sits prominently at number 3 on the Beatport overall chart, Paris & Simo ride that wave of momentum into the release of another one of their highly coveted tracks, “Tundra”. First premiered by Fedde Le Grand on the MainStage at UMF, Paris & Simo team up with Italian duo Merk & Kremont to give us this bouncy track. “Tundra” combines grinding saws with a rolling bass line to give it an unmistakable groove, while still remaining tough enough for any venue. The Canadian duo are making a strong statement with back to back outstanding releases as they look to propel their careers to even greater heights.

Beatport: Paris & Simo, Merk & Kremont – Tundra

Progressive House | 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights – Escape

Posted by on June 24, 2013

3LAU & Paris & Simo

Vegas kid and mashup man, 3LAU has teamed up with Canadian duo, Paris & Simo to present their long awaited single “Escape“. The instrumental version has been hammered out by both 3LAU and Paris & Simo for quite some time now, but now they have acquired the hot in demand vocal talents of LA based singer Bright Lights to give it the anthemic sound it was looking for. This is the first taste of originals from Justin Blau, with the big room twist we have come to expect from Paris & Simo, including their previous release on Revealed Recordings, “Seasons“. For those who say it sounds too similar to “Rift” from Michael Brun & Dirty South, let the above picture of them playing “Escape” at E Zoo on September 2nd, 2012, well before “Rift” was on the market be your evidence of originality.

It is fascinating to see Justin Blau go from being a college kid hanging out in the Las Vegas clubs his dad works with, to now touring all over the US with his first big single getting released on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings. Paris & Simo have proven themselves to be champions of the big room sound, while 3LAU still has to prove himself beyond this point with further successes on the original and remix front. As a first original, I am very impressed, and he is heading down the path that MAJK has led from mashups to originals.

Beatport: 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights – Escape

Progressive House | Paris & Simo – Avon

Posted by on February 4, 2013

Canadian producers Paris & Simo follow up their remix of Fenech Solar “All I Know” with their first single of the year “Avon” on Harem Records. “Avon” shows hints of something we might see in like 2010 with the style of synths in the build and a drop with an outstanding melody layered with a grinding low end, thumping bass line and well time stops. Having proven that their win in the “Work Hard, Play Hard” remix competition was no fluke, Paris & Simo continue to show that they are worthy of the praise they receive.

Beatport: Paris & Simo – Avon

Progressive House | Fenech Soler – All I Know (Paris & Simo Remix)

Posted by on January 23, 2013

A band familiar to quality remixes, Fenech Soler tabs Canadian duo Paris & Simo to remix their latest single “All I Know”, keeping the that tradition alive. Paris & Simo take full advantage of the vocals from the electro pop group, while adding their own uplifting melody, quick alternating bass line and an oscliating low end to this sublime track. As they follow up their remix of Usher’s “Numb” and with collabs with Vicetone & 3lau on the way, Paris & Simo look to have an even bigger 2013.

iTunes: Fenech Soler – All I Know (Paris & Simo Remix)