Drum & Bass | DnB….Sundays?

Posted by on July 9, 2012

Sorry for another delay in the DnB post this week, but you know what summer does to you. What is this, a release from Skrillex? Say it isn’t so. Let the haters hate, but you can’t deny the talent and ingenuity. Releasing Birdy Nam Nam’s EP on July 17th through OWLSA, rumor has it that this heavy DnB remix will be accompanied by Skrillex’s trapt out remix as well. The second drop on this remix is disgusting to say the least.

Top producers Loadstar have just released their EP Passenger / Bomber including a dubstep remix to Passenger by Culprate. I have been waiting for this release for some time now. In Passenger , we see some more aggresive synths used, compared to in Bomber. Also Passenger is leaning more towards a drumstep style track as well. Both tracks are outstanding in their unique styles.

Who doesn’t love a good VIP remix to a track? Mach was quick on catching this VIP when it went up on Soundcloud. TC revamping his well known track Bass By The Tonne and dosing up the DnB on this one. Still keeping the main part of the originals is what lured me into liking it so much.

Dieselboy continuing his giveaway of DnB tracks this week with one from a few years back. It is a remix provided by Gridlock, but as long as it is good and hasn’t been heard by too many people who cares how long ago it was released. Nice weekend vibes from this track.

To cap it all off we have a nice smooth liquid drum and bass track from Cray and nExow. Those graceful instruments combined with the quick pace of DnB always provide the best state of euphoria.





Albums, Dubstep, Electro | Kill The Noise – “Kill Kill Kill” EP

Posted by on November 22, 2011

Rumor’s were going around from artists that got this EP early, that it was going to be the best EDM EP of the year. That statement could not have prepared anyone for this beast. Forget Skrillex, this is definitely the top release OWLSA has had. Kill The Noise didn’t just rock out the dubstep on this one, the guy gives electro a whole new light with his tracks Deal With It and She Likes To Party. The EP also features some amazing remixes from Dillon Francis, Brown & Gammon, Alvin Risk, and KOAN Sound. I can’t even begin to start telling you my top tracks, this whole EP is freakin’ insane. Give it a listen yourself, its a revelation waiting to happen.



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