Pop, Videos | Timeflies – Swoon [Music Video]

Posted by on December 18, 2012

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I never realized how awkwardly entertaining life looks in rewind until I watched this video.

Awkward or not, Timeflies have themselves yet another hit.  The caveman club smash featured on their recent chart topping EP, One Night, is almost as cool at the dime piece pole dancing swooning on the American flag in the backdrop of this video.  Anyone else feel like “swoon” is one of those interchangeable adjectives that can virtually be placed anywhere in a sentence? Verbs too, actually.  Swoon over to iTunes and cop this track along with the rest of Timeflies’ irresistible EP for a loose $3.99!

iTunes: Timeflies – One Night [EP]

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Albums, Pop | Timeflies – One Night EP

Posted by on November 27, 2012

When life gives you lemons, squeeze those bastards into lemonade.  When life gives you a microphone, a computer, a room full of instruments, and a godly set of vocals, do what Timeflies has done.  Make music.  We’ve watched them journey from pub performers to international pop stars, and today we’re honored to present their newest, all original EP, One Night. A culmination of their full artillery, this 6 track album surely has something for everyone.  Enough of the chatter, head over to iTunes and expedite this time bomb to #1.

Purchase on iTunes: Timeflies – One Night EP

P.S. While the NYC Terminal 5 show has already sold out, Timeflies has another announcement for you tomorrow…

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