Chill | Clay And Friends Release Upbeat Hip-Hop Original “OMG”

Posted by on January 29, 2019

On the outside, “OMG” seems like a soulful, upbeat jam with funk-charged energy, however, when one delves further into the release, the emotional depth of the release becomes evident. Clay and Friends spotlight the importance and fragility of life drawing inspiration from the death of Mac Miller and a recent and unfortunate car crash Mike Clay was in. All in all, with uplifting rhythms, organic instrumentation, and crisp vocal delivery, the band is able to envelop the narrative with solidly infectious production.

Montreal natives, Clay and Friends, are known for their modern blend of hip-hop, soul, and everything in between. Mike Clay’s syllable-blending flow dances between English and French and is inspired by urban life and the concept of “less is more.” With over 500 performances and 35K monthly Spotify listeners under their belt, it can be said that their unique sound is in high demand.

Mashups | Brenton Duvall – Some Other Party in Paradise (Remix)

Posted by on August 9, 2011

OMG everybody grab your Brenton bags and run over to TurnTable.FM to hop in a ummm mashup room? That’s exactly what you should not do, even though this is hot off the press. Why? Because you’ll be discrediting the super producer known as Brenton Duvall who doesn’t involve himself with 1 v 1 mashups. If you’re not familiar with Brenton, welcome to FNT and listen to the track below to see what I’m saying. This one is DOPE! Here’s what Brenton had to say for himself:

I don’t think I was ever gonna drop this track…Kinda unfinished…Only been played live a few times. Phil Collins sample. Look at that young guy. Some Biggie for good measure, because remixes aren’t remixes until Biggie’s on them. Then it’s a real remix.

Download: Brenton Duvall – Some Other Party in Paradise (Remix)
Brenton Duvall – Some Other Party in Paradise Remix by freshnewtracks

Albums | Mainstream Mashup’s

Posted by on June 12, 2010

DJ Earworm is as talented as they come…in Lieu of the World Cup, he’s pretty much the Cristiano Ronaldo of mashing up songs. He takes the top 25 songs of each year and blends them into one incredible mashup. If you don’t have the songs from previous years, check them out.

Download: DJ Earworm – Like, OMG baby (United State of Pop 2010, I think) GET IT!
Download: DJ Earworm – Blame it on the Pop (United State of Pop 2009)
Download: DJ Earworm – Viva La Pop (United State of Pop 2008)
Download: DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2007