Hip-Hop, Rap | OFWGKTA – Extinguisher

Posted by on October 16, 2013

Most people veer away from Odd Future for their explicit and uncomfortable lyrics, but personally, I love the controversy. They turn heads and interest people in the most unnerving way, which is what music is all about. Mellowhigh – which is a collaboration of Mellowhype’s Hodgy Beats & Left Brain – created a lot of anticipation for their upcoming, self-titled album with the release of the single ‘Extinguisher’. Not too long, only 2 minutes long, with great production and a solid beat, I’m impressed and excited for the album.

Hip-Hop | Frank Ocean – Blue Whale

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Leave it to Frank Ocean to put your mind and body in a speechless state. The message in this track is deep, his verses paint a picture of life and the hardships we run into as we live or even just worry about, but Frank makes sure to remind us “but life goes on pimpin, the wise don’t doubt it.” “Blue Whale” is just another great track to add to Frank’s already long list of incredible music.



Hip-Hop, Trap | Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (TNGHT Version)

Posted by on August 14, 2012


If you are a fan of the Trap game and haven’t heard of TNGHT yet, then you need to get to searching. Consisted of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice this dynamic Trap duo has been taking the scene by storm. After a good response from their first EP, lyricists are all over their hot beats. Captain Murphy is the latest to give TNGHT’s track Bugg’n a shot. Right off the start he gives off a Tyler The Creator vibe with his graphic, vulgar lyrics. It seems as though this Odd Future’s style has caught many peoples attention and become a wanted commodity whether you like it or not. You can grab this track as a free download HERE.


RnB | Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Posted by on June 8, 2012

I don’t need a snappy intro or hook to draw you in with this song. The song is by Frank Ocean, and that’s all you need to know. Frank doesn’t fail to impress with this one, the first single off of his upcoming album, Pyramids, is a hit. Heads up, the song is 10 minutes long, and it gets a bit repetitive at some points, but damn, is Frank Ocean a talent, this song perfectly showcases his songwriting and vocal abilities. He seems to have cut his public affiliation with Odd Future to a minimum, which shows he’s taking his career as a singer seriously, even if he might not be having as much fun as Taco, Jasper, Tyler and the rest of the gang. After hearing Pyramids, I can’t wait to hear his debut album, Channel Orange coming soon.

Frank Ocean – Pyramids:

Hip-Hop, Videos | The Game – Martians Vs. Goblins (Ft. Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne) Music Video

Posted by on December 21, 2011

The track officially dropped on The Games R.E.D. Album this summer, Tyler, The Creator killed it on this track. One of my most overplayed tracks on my iTunes this summer. The Game uses Hodgy Beats same contacts for his eyes, trying to add more effect to the insanity vibe of the video. I’m really hoping this gets Tyler, The Creator’s and Odd Future’s names out a bit more. #GOLF WANG

Grab The R.E.D. Album On iTunes

Hip-Hop | Moufy, XV, & Hodgy Beats (of Odd Future) | Hip-Hop

Posted by on March 29, 2011

Above are the visuals to our good friend Moufy’s We in the Buildin’. Show him some love on his facebook page. Anyways, XV has been putting out nothing but great music lately. The beat on this latest track has a real happy feel to it. The Kid With The Green Backpack is set to release sometime this year…
DOWNLOAD: XV ft. Miami Horror – Foreign Exchange Student

Hodgy Beats of the LA rap group Odd Future, which has been generating a lot of buzz as of late, flexes his lyrical muscle on this track.

DOWNLOAD: Hodgy Beats – Mystery

Hip-Hop | Big Sean ft. Chris Brown – My Last (Video) & More

Posted by on March 25, 2011

Above are the visuals to Big Sean’s My Last featuring Chris Breezy. It’s the lead single of Sean’s Finally Famous album, which officially drops May 3rd. After being pushed back several times, I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for it’s release. Below is Bobby Ray’s response to a diss line made by Tyler the Creator of Odd Future in his Yonkers (@ 1:52) song. To be honest I’m surprised B.o.B took the time to respond…

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – No Future (Odd Future Diss) SICK

DOWNLOAD: Ya Boy ft Gucci Mane & Gudda Gudda – Cocaina

DOWNLOAD: Chris Brown – All About You