Deep House | NICOLAS Makes EP Debut With Self Released ‘Forget To Feel’

Posted by on March 23, 2021

“DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT,” and “TEST DRIVE,” being personal highlights that have won over this writer and many others, now there is more to love with, FORGET TO FEEL EP, and the extra music that came out with it. The starting single, “FORGET TO FEEL,” gets the end-listener used to the expectations that come with the journey. Dotted, syncopated synth-notes covers the entire EP as the chill-nature of the 7-track can put you in an eased position. The two new works and the rest of the EP, for that matter, move the motions forward with the essences showcased on previous singles. “OBSESSION,” is a bit more mysterious-leaning, while “SILENCE,” has a sort of personal ‘ending’ feel to it.

FORGET TO FEEL’ is my first EP, the first body of work that I ever put out. I’ve been in the process of writing it for more than a year now, it’s inspired by my whole journey as a human being as well as the world of constant change that we live in. I see it as a collection of memories, of moments that I felt like I needed to share with the world. Hopefully listeners will relate to it and perhaps it can even become the soundtrack for a moment of your life.

Born into Gen Z, male, musically skilled, but not too much known about him beyond that, NICOLAS maintains a large amount of mystery about who he is, leaving the only natural category left to focus on when checking him out – the music.

Chill | NICOLAS Releases Experimental Side In Second EP Tease “WANT IT”

Posted by on January 22, 2021

Throwback house vibes, unifying vocal work, and an all around definition to a sound, NICOLAS releases, “WANT IT,” independently and on ideal terms to say the least.

From his David Dann collaboration to his previous original “TEST DRIVE,” much has now been exposed musically from the soloist – juxtaposed by the little known about personal background, history, and the like.

“TEST DRIVE,” and, “WANT IT,” now leading up to the full EP, the title currently unrevealed, sets a precedent on many levels as to the future content and direction of the alias as a whole. Standing out as a personal high, features on Hotel Garuda’s ‘Rush Remixes’ EP and a commonality expressed across his own tracks, there’s a large range of traits to appreciate here.

Chill, House, Pop | Fast-Rising NICOLAS First Original “TEST DRIVE” Begins Take-off

Posted by on November 15, 2020

NICOLAS is new and not much known is about him. Yet it’s songs like, “Test Drive,” and very new, very hype releases that keep people sharply eyeing the stir being generated by a seemingly unknown, yet experienced musician.

Vocal works collides naturally with synth-infused production, tempos and atmospheres bring out the spirit of the creative nature at hand, and a bit of undefinable zest straps together and completes something rich and time-testing within the framework of a song.

Featured on a collaboration with David Dann, “You & Me,” in 2020 and now laying out singles which are part of a bigger EP launch, NICOLAS is given fans and listeners plenty to latch onto at an early stage.

Momentum is building and NICOLAS as front-and-center of the action.

I’m still figuring out a way to find who I am and what my life will be and I’m using music to express my feelings and internet to have a record of who I am. If you want to remember, be part of my, your, our project.’


Check out “Test Drive” above.