Hip-Hop, Videos | Timeflies Tuesday: Time Goes By

Posted by on February 8, 2012

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Timeflies is gold.  Plain and simple, they deliver.  Timeflies Tuesday has transformed into a legitimate download worthy song week after week.  Sulking in the defeat of our Patriots, Cal and Res redirect their positive energy to focus on the beauty of Madonna and her impressive halftime performance.  At age 53 Madonna is still looking hella good lip syncing like she’s 25.  Sampling one of her many hits, “Music”, Cal spurs off some incredible vocals covering the Super Bowl halftime show while paying respect to Myra Kraft.  Timeflies will kick off their midwest tour this week so make sure you enjoy this video and catch them live if they’re in your city.


Hip-Hop, Videos | Maye Star – One Game (Patriots Anthem)

Posted by on January 30, 2012

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Maye Star, who I introduced back before Christmas, put together a New England Patriots Super Bowl anthem in preparation for this weekends big game.  Delivering all the necessary ingredients for a quality sports anthem; a catchy hook, a demoralizing Billy Cundiff line, & Tom Brady. I can’t talk down on Eli Manning and the G men until this game of epic season/career/life/mankind proportions concludes, so I’ll leave it at, may the best team win.  I just damn well hope that team is the Patriots.  R.I.P. MHK.  Gronk it out.

“…to the left, to the left…Billy Cundiff’s field goal” –  Maye Star

P.S. Maye’s mixtape, Mayeham, dropping soon!

DOWNLOAD: Maye Star – One Game (Patriots Anthem)

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