Mashups, Mix | DOSVEC – “A.D.D.” Radio Episode #17

Posted by on March 5, 2015

With Spring right around the corner DOSVEC delivers a brilliant “A.D.D.” show that combines some classic progressive house tunes with some current deep house and to end the show a funky twist to Galantis “Runaway”.

The show runs 54 minutes and will make any downtime you have blow right by. So what you waiting for – Press PLAY and let’s bring in Spring PROPER

Mashups, Progressive House | DOSVEC – I Wound Find You

Posted by on July 30, 2014


Zedd’s “Find You” gets a progressive house SUMMER twist by DOSVEC. “I Would Find You” is a silky smooth tune that truly works anytime of the day. So play it now or at 2am and I am sure you will agree “I Would Find You” is a great summer tune.


Electronic | Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant – Find You (Moiez Remix)

Posted by on March 10, 2014


“Why would I need a girlfriend when I’ve got this small gap in my couch” is something I occasionally ponder and the answer is companionship. You can’t take a couch to the beach. A similar question of “Why would somebody remix a Zedd song when the original is so good” is also a thought I have whenever I listen to a Zedd remix. A large majority of the time they are inferior to the original, but that is not necessarily the case with Moiez’s remix of “Find You”. Moiez’s style has always primarily been progressive house, although he has strayed from that here. He says he wanted to challenge himself to become a more versatile artist and make something original. The result is a song that incorporates elements of multiple genres. He says this is one of his favorite remixes he has done and after taking a listen, you’ll understand why.

Free Download: Zedd Feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant – Find You (Moiez Remix)


Progressive House | Matthew Koma – One Night (Vicetone Remix)

Posted by on May 21, 2013

Vicetone & Nicky Romero

It has been a crazy year for Vicetone. Ever since exploding onto the scene last July, they have wowed fans, artists and industry insiders alike with their uncannily crisp productions, big time melodies and prolific remix rate that does not sacrifice for quality. One such customer is Nicky Romero who has signed them to his label, Protocol Recordings, and by the looks of it (rather blurry, what are you taking pictures with a flip phone?) may be working on a track with them.

Matthew Koma has become one of the hottest vocalists in dance music, and from that he has launched his own solo career with his “Parachute EP” successfully released last year and an album forthcoming later in the year. Vicetone have continued their dominance into the 2013, though their prolific release rate has slowed up as we have seen more official releases from the Dutch duo like “Heartbeat” with Collin Mcloughlin and “Stars” with Jonny Rose. Building around Matthew Koma’s seemingly perfectly built for edm vocals, Vicetone add their own big room touch with a crisp, rock influenced synth melody that pierces through your speakers and fills the space around you. Look for more remixes and originals from Vicetone coming up, including a remix of Nervo‘s “Hold On“.

iTunes: Matthew Koma – One Night (Vicetone Remix)

Electro-House, Mashups | DOSVEC – Styched

Posted by on December 4, 2012

DOSVEC comes out with a straight banger from start to finish on Styched. This mashup does not have a dull moment while still managing to incorporate five different tracks into one.

Progressive House | Fedde le Grand & Nicky Romero ft. Matthew Koma – Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind)

Posted by on August 27, 2012

Finally after a 3 week delay we have the vocal version of “Sparks”, the massive anthemic single from Fedde le Grand & Nicky Romero with rising vocal asset, Matthew Koma bringing everything together. When I first heard the preview above and then the instrumental, the song just sounded odd without the vocals. It just did not seem not seem right without the vocals regardless of the small changes in the mix between the two. Matthew Koma brings this summer anthem to its full potential and it is something you must have, period.

Beatport: Fedde le Grand & Nicky Romero ft. Matthew Koma – Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind)

Bootleg | Fedde Le Grand, Matthew Koma, Zedd – AutoSpectrum (Brian Kramer Bootleg)

Posted by on August 12, 2012

Well, looks like Denvers very own, Brian Kramer, is back at it again with another bootleg. After sending over his first two tracks (which you can find here) I found myself addicted to the simplicity and perfection of these bootlegs Brian Kramer constructed. In an age where mashups and bootlegs are frowned upon, Brian Kramer has ditched the norm of the genre: find a fast paced house banger, throw Katy Perry & Lil Wayne vocals over it, and call it a day. He instead blends a few different samples to create something unique & ornate; something more…somehow all whilst using less (I just used the word whilst). Download it people.