Electronic | Limbic Void Drops Catchy Original “Arrival Of A Ghost”

Posted by on June 26, 2020

The Alternate Life, the latest EP from up and comer Limbic Void, has been followed up by another new single, teased from the artist himself.

“Arrival Of A Ghost” captures a fascinating space between old school soft rock, pop, and modern sound effects acting as glue to the core written experience.

The single is well crafted, denying the listener a chance to lose interest in what is a well-themed aspect following up era-defining EP.

Dive into the single above and decide for yourself if what Limbic Void delivers is for you.

Electronic | Limbic Void just dropped his debut EP “Lapdogs”

Posted by on May 25, 2016

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Norwegian producer Limbic Void just dropped his debut five-track EP called “Lapdogs” and it is beautiful. Having started the EP in early 2015, Limbic Void decided to scrap everything and start all over again from scratch 6 months in – a decision he says he does not regret. He said that the “new songs came to me much more naturally…I was playing around with the ideas revolving around a harmless comment that stuck in my head, about how people settling down had become “domesticated””. This collection of sounds has an almost Flume influence with a more pop feel – combined with naturally soothing vocals. Check out the EP now and remember, “everybody knows that even lapdogs have to run”.

Electronic, Pop | Let Limbic Void Serenade with New Single “The Doghouse”

Posted by on November 23, 2015

Wow this song is remarkable! Limbic Void’s single “The Doghouse” features the extremely smooth voice of Iben Bjørg Anton and it’s a great combination of sounds. The lush textures and layers are very peaceful and as being the first piece of music I’ve heard by Limbic Void, I’m ready for new stuff ASAP! In the meantime I’ll just have this one on repeat, check out “The Doghouse”!