Ambient | Kidswaste Takes On Chet Porter for a Stellar Remix

Posted by on April 28, 2016

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Canadian producer Chet Porter’s recent release “Tbh Ily” was an uplifting, melodic masterpiece with its wistful poppy electronica appeal. In an effort to further add to the track’s ethereal ambience, French newcomer Kidswaste adds his own personalized touch to the original, resulting in a beautiful rendition that has us wanting more. Kidswaste has been gaining a lot of praise in the last year with his meditative, melancholic sound, gaining support from some of the biggest producers in the game such as Skrillex, Martin Garrix, and Diplo. With his latest endeavor, Kidswaste takes Chet Porter’s “Tbh Ily” and syncs his own timid vocals alongside a beautiful concoction of easy-going guitar licks, assorted percussion, and smooth-backing synths, taking listeners on a contemplative, dream-like journey.

House | Kidswaste Brings the Feels on Chill Remix of Les Gordon’s “Atlas”

Posted by on April 6, 2016

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French producer Les Gordon’s initial Atlas EP was nothing short of amazing. Gathering nearly a million streams on SoundCloud alone within two months after its release, the six-track EP was an uplifting illustration of Les Gordon’s poppy electronica sound. Now, the producer is releasing a remix EP for his single “Atlas” to complement the album’s success and bring other emerging artists out into the spotlight. Fellow French producer Kidswaste takes the track and slows things down for a more contemplative effect. Kidswaste muffles the vocal cuts of the original and adds light, blissful beats to feed into the nostalgic dynamism of the tune. Listen to the track now and get ready for the Atlas remix EP, which is out now.