Dubstep, Electro-House, Moombahton, Review | KillSonik – Where The River Runs Black EP

Posted by on January 30, 2013

KillSonik - Where The River Runs Black EP

I literally could not wait for the release of this EP. KillSonik has done nothing but blow my mind on what type of artists they are to be known as. The duo kicked off the EP with a filthy Moombahton track, “Where The River Runs Black.” I never would have guessed that they would drop in a moombahcore track, let alone end up loving it. The first Dubstep track “Walrus” has had my mind going in spins the past few days. I enjoy the mellow intro that breaks into spooky synths, building up to an epic drop that I will forever relate to the mighty Walrus haha. “Slaughterhouse” is by far my favorite track of the EP. It is everything I hoped to hear from KillSonik in terms of a Dubstep track. Close behind in second though, “Je Te Veux” turned out to be the best surprise. When I found out the track was Electro-House, I was instantly excited to listen. To my enjoyment, this track owns face. Every expectation I have had over the past few months building my impatience was every bit worth the wait. KillSonik delivered.


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