Videos | Jon Bellion – Beautiful Mind Documentary

Posted by on February 24, 2014

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If you follow Jon Bellion and his music, you have a sense of his creative process and the work he puts into his craft.  So you hear the music and see the videos, but do you know the what goes on beneath the surface?  Who the masked faces are behind the sounds?  Who and what has influenced Bellion’s development and growth as an artist?  Chances are, you don’t.  I’m a huge fan of JB, but even I wasn’t familiar with many of the faces highlighted in this documentary.

It’s awesome to see an artist grow organically.  It’s even better when you actually SEE all of those who contribute, but don’t necessarily get the credit or face time.  This Beautiful Mind Documentary is a full feature look into the lives of all those bleeding their skills, emotions, and time into the music.  Take the time, learn, and follow the team (links below).  Tour dates coming soon. #VMG

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Free Download: Jon Bellion – The Separation [Album]

Trap | StéLouse & JB Flame – Islvnd

Posted by on January 23, 2014

“Islvnd” from StéLouse (pronounced stay loose) and JB Flame is groovy, fresh, and definitely has an island vibe. It surprised me left and right. The contrast of the trap beats with the summery vibes is what makes this track so different. Scratches, glitches, and cymbals all decorate the airy vocals and beats with some serious funk. Grab this track for free if you’re diggin’ it, and support StéLouse on Soundcloud!

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Free Download: StéLouse & JB Flame – Islvnd

Electro, Hip-Hop | SIRIUSMO – Nights Off (Djemba Djemba’s J Beibs Flip)

Posted by on January 13, 2014

So I’m sure you’re all familiar with JB’s lullaby “Memphis” that has that longing feel to it, but you’re probably more unfamiliar with the music behind the artist. SIRIUSMO takes the infamous Djemba Djemba’s original flip on the song and created it his own, making it for a inevitable banger. As some seem to think that he stole this beat from Diplo, the real DL is that they both produced the final version on J Beib’s record, so just listen before you go pointing fingers… This song is fresh.


Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – Jim Morrison

Posted by on November 12, 2013

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This young boy is a problem, you should call it in.

Wordplay on fire.  Arguably my favorite JB record to date.

Jim Morrison, Christopher Wallace, Bob Marley, Kanye West, Chris Zarou. Boom, album coming very soon.



Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – The Making Of Ungrateful Eyes (Behind The Scenes)

Posted by on September 24, 2013

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There aren’t many things on this earth that I enjoy as much as Jon Bellion’s music.  A loaded double bacon cheeseburger from Five Guys, a shampoo from the fine Asian woman at Supercuts, or my bar tab on some random dude’s card are a few exceptions.  In addition, a look behind the scenes into JB’s creative process often trumps the final musical product.  Why?  You can’t appreciate a sound like Jon’s without seeing the process from start to finish.  What goes on in Bellion’s head is a mystery; a ‘beautiful mind’ indeed.

Enjoy the above video of Jon producing his recent record, “Ungrateful Eyes” fro scratch in the studio.  While it seems I’m not the only one who enjoys these videos, Jon will be releasing these for each single leading up to the release of his highly anticipated fall album.

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Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – Ungrateful Eyes

Posted by on September 10, 2013

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After teasing us with a ridiculous in-studio video, Long Island swiss army up and comer, Jon Bellion shares the first single off his sophomore album set to drop later this fall.  After setting the bar high with his debut effort, Translations Through Speakers, the indie pop star looks to continue escalating into the big leagues.  Producing, writing, and recording himself, there’s no question marks looming over JB’s talent – the kid really can do it all.

“Ungrateful Eyes” is the next step in his journey.  “I made a hundred grand this year, clap clap, so what” personifies what Jon is all about. He’s in it for the music, and we all have a reason to be excited for that.  Daps to GRVTY for putting together yet another unreal set of visuals.  Visionary.

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Progressive House | Quintino & Alvaro – World In Our Hands (The Two Friends Remix)

Posted by on April 29, 2013


When they’re not busy using absurdly low resolution cover art, The Two Friends shoot for the stars in all aspects of life. Their hopes and dreams include singing the national anthem at their local schools football game, finally pulling the trigger and subscribing to Maxim, and to open up and successfully run a fish taco truck in Stratford Ontario, JB’s hometown in an attempt to get him to visit and do stuff with them. Once the ice is broken and he hugs them, at the same time (3 person hug), they will spend the rest of the day staring at each others hair because JB is just such a good looking dude and then all three of them spend the night together in the fish taco truck cuddling and using JB’s made-for-women Chanel jacket for warmth.

Anyway, they just released their remix to Quintino & Alvaro’s “World In Our Hands” for free download and it is definitely worth checking out.

Free Download: Quintino & Alvaro – World In Our Hands (The Two Friends Remix)