Cover, Electronic | Steve James and Jasmine Thompson Give us their take on “Earned It”

Posted by on October 20, 2015

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It’s been a while since we heard from Steve James, but man are we glad that he’s back! Teaming up with Jasmine Thompson, the two give us a brilliant take on The Weeknd’s “Earned It”. Wavering from James’s usual style (but in the best way), this cover still contains the Pittsburg producer’s signature melodic elements but contains a more ambient and atmospheric vibe. His production, combined with Jasmine Thompson’s beautiful vocals do The Weeknd’s masterpiece justice. This one is a free download, so check it out now and grab it before Soundcloud has their way with it!

Exclusive, Featured, Progressive House | FNT Exclusive: Passenger vs Jasmine Thompson – Let Her Go (Peter Brennan & TCUP Remix)

Posted by on March 18, 2014

Passenger - Let Her Go (Peter Brennan & TCUP Remix)
Yes this tune has been remixed to death ever since it came out, but I implore you give this remix from Peter Brennan & TCUP a chance. Instead of just going with the standard version of the original and remixing that, they use a cover from Jasmine Thompson, which suits what they do with the song much better than the vocals from Passenger. The two producers gradually ease you into the remix with a soft bed of pianos and synth chords that nestle underneath Jasmine Thompson’s vocals before an onslaught of fast paced plucks come at you in the drop. This is a freebee exclusive found only right here, so grab the download now!

Free Download: Passenger vs Jasmine Thompson – Let Her Go (Peter Brennan & TCUP Remix)