House | Get Ready For Outdoor Summer Parties With The Rooftop Boys’ Remix Of Syn Cole

Posted by on May 29, 2015

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Does anyone have The Rooftop Boys’ number? Because, I want to party with them in NYC this summer. Their latest remix of Syn Cole’s “It’s You” is out of this world and is the perfect example of why these guys are the next big thing. For one, their notoriously bouncing bassline is dancier more than it is hard-hitting, which is exactly what summer should sound like. Second, they put just the right amount of tropical on their productions to not go overboard and kill the panflute and xylophone. Lastly, their sound is the perfect balance of low-key, deep grooves and hands up partying that anybody will have fun too. Another job well done to the NYC duo. The Rooftop Boys’ remix of Syn Cole’s “It’s You” is available now on Beatport.

Electronic | Duck Sauce – It’s You

Posted by on June 25, 2013


Despite having high maintenance blonde hair, I’ve actually always preferred going to barbershops over luxury hair salons. I consider the experience to an artistic and cultural retreat. It’s like a showcase for local or up-and-coming artists, from the street art on the walls to the records on deck, and the custom creations being buzzed into the side of people’s heads. I used to have this barber, a 7 ft. tall thug with dreads all the way down his back, who would give me a Street Cred 101 about how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and the importance of staying away from boys (or else he would hold the sheers up to my neck and threaten to tell my dad). Needless to say, I’d bust out of that place feeling rejuvenated on the inside and fly as hell on the outside. Barbershops were just the place to be even if you weren’t getting your hair did. We’ve all seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about.

Duck Sauce duo A-Trak and Armand van Helden know what I’m talking about too in the video for their latest track, It’s You. Known for producing jams with a retro twist, Duck Sauce really plays up the barbershop quartet in this one, a theme I don’t think we’ve seen yet in electronic music. The release of It’s You is just one step closer to an actual Duck Sauce album, an album A-Trak calls a “comedy album.” And it wouldn’t be a Duck Sauce video if you weren’t feeling a little confused or disturbed by the end of it. By the second or third play though, you’ll be scheduling your next buzz cut and searching for disco balls on the eBay, I can tell you that much. While I could never be as cool or awesome as A-Trak or AVH, I think I could impress my friends with this song. Impress yours, too.