House | The Making of a Maestro: Draxx’s Signature Sound Pushes The Boundaries Of Tech House Culture

Posted by on October 8, 2023

In 2023, Italian DJ and producer Draxx burst onto the tech house scene, merging exceptional skill with astute partnerships, creating waves throughout the electronic music sphere. His track “WTF” not only clinched the 32nd position on Beatport’s main chart but also soared to 11th in the tech house category, marking his ascending influence. On Spotify, “WTF” earned a spot on the ‘Tech House Operator’ playlist, while “Ponteme” and a remix of “Hayabusa” also made significant chart impacts, securing 96th and 11th places, respectively, on Beatport.

Draxx’s knack for producing enthralling tunes garnered admiration from titans like Cloonee, Hugel, John Summit, Sosa, and Gordo. With this said, his creations were embraced by elite labels such as Insomniac, Hellbent, Sola, and Nervous Records, which helped him propel his vision forward even faster.

Draxx’s recognition as one of ‘The Future of Dance’ producers by 1001Tracklists, was a rightful turning point and really put the spotlight on him. Looking forward, Draxx stands on the brink of further triumphs, with numerous tracks slated for release under major labels in 2024. Dive into his Spotify above and do not sleep on this guy – he is headed toward the mainstage in no time.

House | Oliver Heldens – Koala (Michael Calfan Remix)

Posted by on December 6, 2014

I never post previews. It’s almost pointless. When I do, you know it’s something serious. I heard Michael Calfan’s “Koala” remix today and I lost it. Of course, it’s no where to be found on Soundcloud so we’ll be waiting until an official version releases. In the mean time, this will have to suffice. Michael Calfan has been extremely hot as of late with the release of his massive “Prelude” single on Spinnin’ Records. Earlier today he announced his December gigs, which will take him to Italy, Scotland, and South Africa. It’s good to be Michael Calfan right now. Turn this “Koala” remix all the way up. It’s something else.

Moombahton | Luminox – Haters

Posted by on June 11, 2012

I am traveling around Europe currently and I couldn’t help but notice the obsession with Star Wars. I have never seen so many Vaders and Stormtroopers casually walking the streets. I thought the picture was well suited for this track titled ‘Haters,’ because they are going to hate no matter if you’re wearing a Deutschland jersey or a Stormtrooper outfit through Italy. Usually I leave the Moombah to Sev, but in the first 30 seconds of this track I fell in love. Time to bust out Deathstar style.



Dubstep | Numa Crew – Infama Feat. Ninjaz & Charlie Dakilo

Posted by on May 2, 2012

Who is Numa Crew you ask? A crew of 7 producers and DJ’s combined in one super group hailing from Florence, Italy that have been bringing the best in Dub/Grime/Uk Funky styled music to our ears since 2005. I haven’t been good in keeping up with their releases which is a shame, because these guys bring some of the most unique sounds to the table. I am still trying to get over their World of Ragga track, that is a dubstep remix of Ini Kamoze’s World of Music that came out nearly two years ago. Mach and I have been on the hunt for some fresh Reggae Dubstep tunes lately and these guys are certainly one of the best at that style. With that being said one of their latest tracks Infama caught my attention right away with this slow dub style beat layered over what seems to be Portugese or Italian, not sure. Either way this track is beyond dope and the language barrier is the last thing that is going to stop me from banging to this track day in and day out. Be sure to grab this track and two others White Peach Records website HERE. Also be sure to like and follow their pages in the links below to stay up to date with these guys.

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