Hip-Hop, Rap | Waldo – Kobe’s Room (Truth Be Told)

Posted by on October 22, 2013

Produced by Sango himself, this was bound to be a fresh new track. I’ve been keeping up with Waldo ever since I discovered him back before the new year – his popularity is steadily increasing, which I’m happy to see, but I’m even happier about the collab EP that Waldo & Sango just recently dropped, NSDE/OUTSDE. The project is dense with a flow and unrelenting heat that compliments Waldo’s delivery and establishes him as a force to be reckoned with. From the commandeering of his midwest flow to the confidence of his staccato, “he presents the production with intense imagery and a spirit of adventurousness that perfects the latest trend of experimentalism on the rise in hip-hop as Michigan continues its quiet reign” (Okayplayer.com). NSDE/OUTSDE features appearances from JOOSE and The SEVENth while Marvel Alexander and Mr. Carmack provide the assist on production. ‘Kobe’s Room’ is featured 4th on the NSDE, but with both sides having equally all good tracks, this is definitely something that you guys will want to check out, ya know what I’m sayin? :p

Progressive House | Elephante – Pretty Lights (ft. Rohan Kymal)

Posted by on October 3, 2013

elephante - pretty lights

Today, I introduce you to Elephante. Hailing from sunny California, Elephate is an EDM producer, specializing in a big room sound. His latest dance floor hit, “Pretty Lights” comes complete with a stomach-thumping bass-line and jabbing synths. The deep vocals from Rohan Kymal really round off the track and make for a fantastic piece of art. Enjoy, “Pretty Lights” and hold on tight for the intense buildups and breakdowns that are sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

Also, go give it some love on Hype Machine, and snag the free download!

Dubstep | Au5 – Metronic (Fractal Remix)

Posted by on August 13, 2013

Fractal’s remix of Au5’s single Metronic, released to Atom Recordings on August 19th, is intense, technical, and full of the dark sounds one looks for in some heavy dubstep. Fractal’s take on the song is a little more bouncy than the original, and mixes a few other flavors in besides hard hitting dubstep. It’s easy to tell that a lot of effort and attention to detail was put into this remix. You can listen to the stream here until it’s released!

Fractal | Au5

I couldn’t help but also post Au5’s original track as well. It’s absolutely sinister in the best way possible. Enjoy!


Trance | Paul Oakenfold – Turn It On

Posted by on July 1, 2013

paul oakenfold

This track is not for the faint of heart. Dark and intense, with a relentless acid low end and a fast-paced Goa vibe, “Turn It On” somehow manages to be both futuristic and retro. Not shocking, given that Paul Oakenfold is an undisputed master of the trade, but it’s refreshing to get a track like this in the midst of all the bland, formulaic electro house that is being passed off as trance these days.

Beatport: Paul Oakenfold – Turn It On

House | BOY – Skin (Dinnerdate ‘Campfire’ Edit)

Posted by on June 14, 2013

BOY - Skin (Dinnerdate 'Campfire' Edit)Simon Shout announced a few months back that he was working on a side project that was something special, something different and we saw a few weeks ago the fruition of that hard work, Dinner Date. It is the deeper, less intense side of his sound that vibes with a lot of what we are seeing in the sort of counter-edm movement that has brought deep house into vogue and guys like Disclosure, Flume and Cashmere Cat so popular. In his second remix, he keeps the indie vibe of the original, with its playful guitar licks, while adding his own easy, deep, rolling bass line that does not overwhelm, but helps guide the track to its thoughtful conclusion. Also included is his previous remix. Be on the lookout for more Dinner Date, and put this on late night and let the soothing sounds carry you into a peaceful place.

Free Download: BOY – Skin (Dinnerdate ‘Campfire’ Edit)