Bass | INF1N1TE Drops First Release Of The Year “IN My Head”

Posted by on February 12, 2018

“In My Head” show INF1N1TE has done it again. Yet this doesn’t do justice to the subtlety and intelligence of the track as a whole, which uses Tom-Waite-like deep bass and a gripping rhythm to really ensconce itself in your head. It is a synapse forming, neuron firing track, which you won’t be able to help listening to over and over again. It hovers in the space between strict electro music and drum and bass, and is a must listen to anyone interested in either genre.

INF1N1TE has had years of experience and is set to go even bigger in 2018, with shows, more music, and collaborations all planned soon.

Bass | INF1N1TE Releases Catchy Melodic Bass Original “Alone”

Posted by on June 2, 2017

There’s not much not to like with INF1N1TE, the solo producer does a little something across the board, from art, sound, live performance, and beyond, it’s the little things that make INF1N1TE tick. His new single “Alone” boasts a badass, dirty bass feel with an ironically clean, fluid sound thanks to the brilliant arrangement.

INF1N1TE has been constantly molding, tweaking, and growing this project, today he’s garnered multi-millions of plays, tens of thousands of fans, and a look few can match. All the pieces are in the right place for this guy.