Electro, Electronic | Lemaitre – Wait feat. LOLO

Posted by on July 16, 2014

Lemaitre just dropped their highly anticipated summer single which has feel good guitar and indie electro written all over it. The Norwegian duo is expecting to release their EPSingularity on July 22. Make sure you check them out on Facebook

Electro | Max Elto – Backyard Animals

Posted by on November 20, 2013

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iTunes: Max Elto – Backyard Animals

Saw this video on Facebook, and I’m liking the song a lot. The track is called “Backyard Animals” by Swedish duo Max Elto. The best way to describe their sound is indie-electro, a perfect blend of indie rock and electro. The duo just signed to Big Beat at Atlantic Records, and at the sound of things I’m expecting a bright future for these two! This is a must listen and a must watch!

Electronic, Indie | FMLYBND – Come Alive

Posted by on October 2, 2013


“Come Alive” by FMLYBND, that’s the track of the day right there. A 6 piece band from Isla Vista, CA who just want to make music that’s what FMLYBND wants you to know. If you want a description of what “Come Alive” sounds like, just think of that new indie-electro sound that has been making waves these past years, lead by acts like Passion Pit, MGMT, Capital City, and more… I’m a big fan of this sound and look forward to hearing more from this great band! Must listen and cop that free download! If you love what you to hear, support the group by copping their album Gold on iTunes today!

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Free Download: FMLYBND – Come Alive


Playlists | Warm Air Vol. 2

Posted by on September 20, 2013


Original photo courtesy of Hayley Trone

 Well folks, it’s been real. Tomorrow, Sept 22, marks the official end of summer 2013. In honor of the change in season, I present to you the second installment of my very own Warm Air mixtapes. A mix designed to ease the transition of swimsuits to sweaters and piña coladas to pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha lattes. A mix to warm you up in the cool autumn breeze, to relive the sweet memories of the past few months, and keep your spirits up and motivated as you face challenges in school, work, and everyday life. So close your eyes, and let this mix take you back to that moment on the beach where you dug a hole in the sand with your toes as you watched the sun set, or when you indulged in the most amazing 4th of July BBQ of your life, or drove around recklessly with the top down and the radio up, or the night you watched an epic fireworks spectacle with your boo thang wrapped up tight in your arms.

Remember, just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun is. Oh no, 2013 can and will go out with a bang. With 3 months left to go, it’s time the real fun begins.

I’d also like to dedicated this mix to one of my most beautiful friends as she turns 21 today. Hope you enjoy this mixtape as you take your first legal swigs of alcohol today, take an extra big one for me <3


Listen to this mix via 8tracks here.

House, Mix | Klingande – Jubel & Musique Chic Mixtape

Posted by on September 16, 2013

It’s a very rare thing to experience an artist live for the first time and immediately and unexpectedly fall in love with them right then and there. When I got the chance to see the French duo Klingande, I went in with an open mind and ended up being totally mesmerized during the entire hour and a half long set. How these guys have gone under my radar for so long, I’m not sure, so I’m thrilled to be sharing them now. Their live set was by far one of the most energetic I’ve seen yet this year. Imagine: Big Gigantic meets Disclosure, with a twist of that upbeat nu-disco from the likes of Dimitri From Paris. It was the perfect medley of funky jams, house, and indie electronic, which sounds like a crazy combination of everything but I promise, these guys make it work. And you better believe there was a live sax player rockin’ out up there, too.

Their first track I’m sharing, titled “Jubel,” seems to be one of their most popular tracks around these parts. It’s a got a great, vivacious melody, delicate vocals and a super groovy appearance by the sax.

This second one is a summer mixtape they produced for the French music blog, Musique Chic, which gives a much better feel for what their live set was like. I’ve had this one of repeat for days now and would encourage you to take advantage of this free download as well.

Looks like these Frenchmen have yet to make their way to the states, so for now, keep posted on their social media for upcoming releases. Fantastique ^_^