Dubstep | Ephixa, Feed Me, and Adam Day | Dubstep

Posted by on March 3, 2011

This video is hilarious and the dubstep is actually pretty good.

DOWNLOAD: Ephixa – Charlie Sheen

This is by far one of the most INCREDIBLE remixes I have ever heard by Feed Me or any other dubstep artist. There is just the most INSANE beat with some of the HOTTEST vocals ever to be compiled into one track. WOW.

DOWNLOAD: Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)MUST DOWNLOAD

“Strobe” is by far one of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks. I have heard plenty of remixes of this song, none of which blew me away like this one did. If this track were a steroid I would already be more jacked than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he won Mr. Olympia.

DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 – Strobe (Adam Day Remix) – YOURE CRAZY IF YOU DON’T DL NOW

Electro | Dan Balan – “Chica Bomb” | BANGER

Posted by on February 11, 2011

Hottest music video you’ve ever seen. Period. I love everything about this from the girls to the bangin song to the girls to the headphones to the girls. It’s all just perfect. Shouts to Pat F, I’ll be sending him a free tank for this one. “I’d say my favorite part of this music video was probably 0:00 to 3:24”.

DOWNLOAD: Dan Balan – Chica Bomb (Chew Fu Remix) — MUST DL!