Pop | Calvin Harris ft. Big Sean – Open Wide

Posted by on October 27, 2014

Calvin Harris just dropped another single “Open Wide” featuring Big Sean off his upcoming album Motion, and after 1 listen, this collaboration is ace! Both going through public break ups, it’s obvious who they’re taking shots at, and it’s about time we get an anthem for the men, this women power thing is cool, but it’s time us dudes empower ourselves as well. This track is HOT, it’s a must listen!

Turned flat chests, into mountains” – Big Sean

House | Duke Dumont – I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Bondax Remix)

Posted by on March 13, 2014

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HOT DAMN, just when you thought Duke Dumont and Jax Jones’ “I Got You” couldn’t get any better, Bondax has to come in and add an extra layer of funk and soul in case you weren’t feeling it the first time! Folks, this record is no joke, it might be the cure to all of your problems. Take a ride on this trip you’re about to be seeing this record everywhere, and you don’t want to miss out on it! This is a must listen and support 100%!

iTunes: Duke Dumont – I Got U ft. Jax Jones (Bondax Remix)

Hip-Hop | Timeflies Tuesday: Predictions

Posted by on September 27, 2011


HOT off their highly successful The Scotch Tape mixtape, the boys are back this week to drop some NFL knowledge on you fools. I got to say, I totally agree with Cal’s statement about Chris Johnson… the dude is totally screwing me over in my fantasy league.


Electro, House | KiD CuDi- “Pursuit of Happiness” (Hatiras Remix)

Posted by on July 30, 2011

Damn… might be an older original track, but this remix is HOT. I would have never thought to make an electro-house remix of this. It is a perfect balance of the vocals and original beat. Hope your all enjoying your weekend.

DOWNLOAD: KiD CuDi – Pursuit Of Happiness (Hatiras Remix) – MUST DOWNLOAD

Dubstep | Mensah, Phetsta, Nero, The Chaotic Good, and Rusty K | Dubstep

Posted by on April 6, 2011

That’s right, every one of these killer tracks is 320 quality. Shout out to Gburg for hitting me up with this first track. I posted the original yesterday and now here is the EPIC dubstep remix.

DOWNLOAD: Example – Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Mensah Remix)

I love these types of HOT vocal dubstep tracks. In my mind it sounds like something Gemini would produce.

DOWNLOAD: Phetsta – Run You Down Ft. Reija Lee

The original of this track was already great, but Nero’s VIP version is AMAZING.

DOWNLOAD: Nero – Guilt VIP

Drumstep is one of the strongest going sub genres of dubstep. This track is FILTHY.

DOWNLOAD: The Chaotic Good – Go Machine

This track has a long build, but once it drops your mind will be blown out of your skull.

DOWNLOAD: Rusty K – DejaVu

Dubstep | Skrubz, Electrixx, and Atomic | Dubstep

Posted by on March 24, 2011

For me Skrubz is most well know for that sick remix of “Ravers Fantasy.” Back again, Skrubz drops this HOT remix, it is like a hammer of awesomeness beating on your eardrums. Turn up the volume and bass, this BUMPS.

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain & Soulja Boy – Speakers Going Hammer (Skrubz Remix) – MUST DL

The Tetris theme song is one of the worst song to get stuck in your head, once it’s in there it impossible to stop it. This track gives off the opposite vibe, once you hear it you wont want to stop listening. It retains the original theme at parts, but once you hit 3:35 you feel those bricks drop.

DOWNLOAD: Electrixx – Tetris

I love the dubstep tracks that start out all calm and then BOOM you get hit with the fury of 1000 angry subs.

DOWNLOAD: Atomic – Harakiri

Mashups | The Friendly Giant – “Twisted” | Mashup

Posted by on March 21, 2011

Got to love these electro styled mashups. The Friendly Giant has become a household name in the mashup world now, throwing out tracks every couple of weeks or so. Definitely knows what the people want to hear. Everyone loves Pendulum, so by adding some fast verses by Twista you end up with a HOT mashup.

DOWNLOAD: The Friendly Giant – Twisted – MUST DL