Dubstep | ENiGMA Dubz – You

Posted by on January 1, 2013

Enigma Dubz I’ve decided is one of my favorite Dubstep producers. His style is not limited to anything, and everything he produces sounds awesome. Enigma Dubz can create a heavy hitter that singes your eardrums, or a laid back track like this one that lets you float.


Dubstep | Sub Focus ft. Kenzie May – Falling Down [Remixes]

Posted by on May 15, 2012

Sub Focus proving over and over again as to why he is one of the best in the business with his latest remix EP that he couldn’t help but be a part of. Contributing to this EP as if his original wasn’t near perfection, he comes back with an even more stellar VIP mix to one of his latest Dubstep anthems, Falling Down. Skrillex has been smashing stages with this latest VIP leaving the fans wondering whos it was, well now everyone can have it for themselves. Also featured on the EP we have the heavy hitting xKore bringing his grimey synths, but changing it up with a more lively drop that pops with the melody. We don’t usually see this style of melody from him which caught me off guard. Last we have Nick Thayer’s remix, which was a disappointing one. I knew he would take a shot at a Moombahton style remix, but it didn’t turn out for the best. The sounds lacked flow and the original track was lost in the remix which was a big let down for me. You can grab these remixes on Beatport HERE.




Dubstep | The District, Lazy Rich, JFamiliar, NowAdays, and Figure | Dubstep

Posted by on February 23, 2011

First off, mad props to Dro for making this sick new artwork. Down to business…

Got an email with this track and it blew my mind. This got my ears wet…

DOWNLOAD: The District – I Wanna Go (Dubstep Remix) – MUST DOWNLOAD

Lazy Rich has been a part of some amazing electro tracks. I never expected a HOT DUBSTEP BANGER.

DOWNLOAD: Lazy Rich – Discofukkr (Original Mix) – BANGER

Not going to lie, I like Paramore. With that said this remix melts icebergs. JFamiliar, I salute you for not only showing the people a different side of dubstep, but for killing it with this track.

DOWNLOAD: Paramore – CrushCrush (JFamiliar Remix) – MUST DOWNLOAD

Here is another dubstep track that shows how different the styles are within the genre. When I heard the beginning I thought I was about to hear house, then I heard the most EARGASMIC chill beat.

DOWNLOAD: NowAdays – Cops and Robots (Shaan Saigol Remix)

What would be a dubstep post without a HEAVY HITTER at the end.

DOWNLOAD: Figure – The Werewolf (Dubstep Mix) – AVID LISTENERS, 1:43