Electro | LMFAO and LAZRtag | Electro

Posted by on May 30, 2011

Hey G, Happy Birthday…stop working on it haha. LMFAO doesn’t do tracks like this, haha. I mean listen to it. When have you heard such an amazing banger such as this before from them, most you hear is just generic for the radio and general public. This track is an absolute banger.

DOWNLOAD: LMFAO – Champagne Showers (feat. Natalia Kills) – MUST DOWNLOAD

Awesome “Civilzation” remixes don’t really exist. I have posted many that were good, but nothing has really seemed to stand out until this one. LAZRtag kept all the great features of this track and made it sound just as awesome as it did originally. After searching through many, this is one of the best remixes of this track.

DOWNLOAD: J.U.S.T.I.C.E. – Civilization (LAZRtag Bootleg Mix)

Mashups | 5 And A Dime- Can I Have Some Bass With That

Posted by on October 1, 2010

Let me tell you something. It’s pretty hard to consistently put out quality music. Even I give Rick Ross a break here and there. I can’t expect greatness ALL the time. Perhaps I can start expecting it from 5 And A Dime though. He certainly hasn’t let me down yet. By the way, Happy Birthday my dude. Oh yeah, and Alex… try to behave yourself with Big Life this weekend. Also, shout out to Lamda Chi at USC for sending in this sick picture.

5 And A Dime- Can I Have Some Bass With That

Hip-Hop | Multi-ID- Heaven On Earth

Posted by on August 10, 2010

If you’re in Dallas tonight, Multi-ID will be performing at Wish. If you want to make sure you get in, hit him on twitter here. As expected, this is another cut off “U.F.O”. Happy Birthday big dawg. Funny enough, it’s my lovely sister’s birthday as well. I’d like to send a very special and personal shout out to my sister who’s 15 today. Happy Birthday Addi!

Multi-ID- Heaven On Earth