Drum & Bass | Drum & Bass Friday

Posted by on April 6, 2012

I know someone had said not to make this post all UKF stuff and besides this track it’s not. Just bare through this one Drum & Bass/Drumstep UKF track. Drumsound and Bassline Smith are animals in Drum & Bass, I have been a huge fan since their single release last year ‘Freak.’ I would consider this new freebie of theirs a boarder-line Drum & Bass track, many would argue it is strong Drumstep. Either way it made this post and it is awesome.


Now that we got the UKF track out of the way we can move on to some true Drum & Bass. ‘Gold Dust’ is one of my favorite tracks to hear remixed, there are just so many different sounds I have heard this track morphed into. This remix from Lewd Behavior is a tasty treat, it’s upbeat and uses the vocals perfectly.

This is a gorgeous track. Liquid Drum & Bass is some of finest melodic electronic tunage out there. This is an incredible VIP of a track. It makes me wish it would rain just so I can sit out in it to this track.


There isn’t a full Drum & Bass post unless some Russian Warehouse D&B is thrown in the mix. Strictly instrumental, this remix is sick. I can imagine a room of a sweat soaked crowd just busting out to the lasers that light the room.


This next track is Name Your Own Price, so don’t be shy to give it a listen. Rostik just dropped his new EP ‘Symmetry,’ today. This one of the tracks off the EP and the rest are just as good as this one. The entire 4 track EP is nothing but the finest chill Drum & Bass.


Omega is big with Dubstep, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t allowed to destroy with Drum & Bass. He does sway a little more to the Drumstep sound which is expected, but he can still lay a mean drop over his beat.

This last track was drained of all its downloads and I was not able to obtain a copy myself. I still thought it was worth the listen and figured the Drum & Bass lovers would enjoy it just as much as I did. If I do happen to come across a download, no doubt I will supply it. This is in Japanese, including the vocals, still a great remix.

Mashups | DOSVEC – Win Gold Dust

Posted by on January 25, 2012

DOSVEC has one hell of a creative mind when it comes to making mashups. His vocals always match his beats in the best way possible, you can tell he really thinks through each project. All I Do Is Win was perfect over the top notch Flux Pavilion, Gold Dust. This mashup is off of DOSVEC’s Dubstep Mashup Mix Album, DIFF, which if you haven’t listened before, it is provided below Win Gold Dust.

Check Out DOSVEC


DOSVEC “Win Gold Dust” by DjWhatt

DOSVEC “DIFF” DubStep MashUp Mix Album by DjWhatt

Mashups | Sucka Free Sunday: DOSVEC – Gold Dust Paradise

Posted by on November 13, 2011

For this week’s SFS DOSVEC mashes together Coldplay’s Paradise and DJ Fresh’s Gold Dust. DOSVEC switches up the vibe with this one, using the soothing vocals from Paradise, then quickly boosting the energy with some heavy basslines over the Gold Dust vocals. If you’re digging this mash as much as we are, show DOSVEC some love on Twitter and Facebook.

DJ Fresh vs Coldplay (DOSVEC Mashup) “Gold Dust Paradise” by DjWhatt


Mashups | Gold Dust Off Your Shoulder (Stiver Ryx Remix)

Posted by on September 17, 2011

Stiver Ryx dropped this mashup of Jay-Z’s Dirt Off Your Shoulder and Flux Pavilion’s remix of DJ Fresh’s Gold Dust in my inbox the other day, and it has definitely grown on me. The straight up passion that Flux Pavillion puts into their riffs melds perfectly with the laid back lyricism of Jay-Z…its hard to explain, just listen.

Download: Stiver Ryx – Gold Dust Off Your Shoulder (Stiver Ryx Remix)

Dubstep, Mainstream Remix | DJ Fresh ft Sian Evans – Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Remix)

Posted by on July 14, 2011

Above are the visuals to the original track…somehow we missed this remix when it first came out, may not be brand new, but its still freshhh. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, anytime you see the name “Flux Pavilion” you know it’s guaranteed to be a dubstep banger. The man produces some of the most epic, ear wetting drops you have and will ever hear. Best part of Flux Pavilion? He takes these random tracks and turns them into completely insane whomping tracks…for example, look at his first DJ Fresh remix of Gold Dust (posted below).

DOWNLOAD: DJ Fresh ft Sian Evans – Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P)

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DOWNLOAD: DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Dubstep | Jamiroquai- Blue Skies (Flux Paviliions Remix)

Posted by on November 12, 2010

If you know electro, like to party, or are somewhat familiar with dubstep, you know Flux Pavilion. After his banger “Gold Dust” dropped a few months back, clubs, fraternities, and houses have been bumping his jam non-stop. You know when jewcebox does a single post, it’s a must download…
Jamiroquai – Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix)(4.5 stars) Chill remix, still heavy at parts…