Mashups, Mix | DOSVEC – “A.D.D.” Radio Show Episode #9

Posted by on November 18, 2013


“A.D.D.” (The only Mashup Radio show in America (Airing on 104.3 Las Vegas, 97.7 Palm Springs and 92.7 San Francisco) Episode #9 is entitled “The Vault” as the entire show is of previous unreleased DOSVEC Mashups that have been in his goodie bag for sometime. From Stevie Nicks to The Verve Episode #9 covers 4 decades of music into 55 minutes.


Electronic | LIZ – U Over Them (Peking Duk & CRNKN Remix)

Posted by on October 26, 2013

Currently v obsessed with Mad Decent’s own LIZ. This remix is of her track “U Over Them” by Peking Duk and CRNKN (that’s pronounced “crankin'”) is just a really great jam. Short and sweet today – this is kind of a mix of a whole buncha different styles but it’s got an overall great vibe so indulge and enjoy.


FREE DOWNLOAD: LIZ – U Over Them (Peking Duk & CRNKN Remix) 

Electronic | Oliver – Mechanical Remixes

Posted by on October 24, 2013

Okay so I’ve been a bit all over the place the past week so this post may be a tad over due but bear with me – it’s incredibly vital to your well being and the entirety of your weekend. The charismatic DJ duo Oliver released their Mechanical EP through Fool’s Gold earlier this year and were showered in success. Like, if you didn’t hear “MYB” at a music festival at least 5 times this summer then you son were at all the wrong music festivals. Anyways, last week they debuted their Mechanical remixes and literally each track is a hands-down 10. The first remix is brought to us by the one and only Dillon Francis who shot “Night Is On My Mind” with a full injection of bonafied Dillon, with that one and only moombatastic, speaker-shattering sound you can trust. The second remix from Nom De Strip was an unexpected favorite, a big room rework of “Control” that is undoubtedly, well, out of control. Next up, a freaky deep remix of “MYB” from FNT favorite Tchami, which adds a nice new perspective to the original. The EP finishes off strong courtesy of upcoming producer Values, who takes us on a heavenly, melodic journey throughout the remix of title-track “Mechanical.” If Values wasn’t on your radar before, I think this track will guarantee he ends up dead center in the near future. And you know, I want to say the last one will end being the one you play on repeat, but the truth is the whole compilation works so well together you probably won’t be able to settle on just one track. Unfortunately it’s not available for free download but grow a pair a drop the few bucks necessary so these DJs can bring home the bacon at the end of the day. Plus then you can have these remixes readily available because you never know when you might need them this weekend… OoOoOoOoOh!


Mashups, Mix | DOSVEC – “A.D.D.” Radio Show Episode #8

Posted by on October 16, 2013


“A.D.D.” (The only Mashup Radio show in America (Airing in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and San Francisco) Episode #8 is a best of Episodes #5, #6 and #7 with 4 new Bangers that will surely get any party started. Episode #8 is a seamless mix that incorporates 78 different artists <--- yeah you read that right 78 So press play and listen to America's only Mashup Show NOW


Electronic | Iggy Azalea – Change Your Life (Maddslinky Remix)

Posted by on September 27, 2013

Aight y’all, I’m gonna come out and say I’ve been on a bit of a female empowerment kick lately (stay tuned, you’ll see) so I had to contribute a remix from one of the baddest bitches out in the game right now – that being, Iggy Azalea. Incase you’re not familiar with the Australian pop songstress, lemme inform you first and for most that, other than a wicked sense of style and ferocious stage presence, this girl has some serious curves, second perhaps only to the Bootylicious queen herself, Beyoncé of course. I tell you this because when you see Iggy in her music videos and on the cover of magazines, she looks like a *freaking* goddess. So all you prepubescent looking teenagers in your wife beaters can just move over because once Iggy gets in the spotlight there won’t be any room left for you.

Ehem. Anyways.

Here’s a remix from her second single of her album, The New Classic. After dropping a dope ass video, Iggy released a series of remixes of the track, so here’s my personal favorite: a very deep, head-bobbing rework from the man of many faces but who we’ll call Maddslinky // Zed Bias. Check it out, and the original video below as well.


Mashups, Mix | DOSVEC – “A.D.D.” Radio Show Episode #7

Posted by on September 18, 2013


“A.D.D.” (The only Mashup Radio show in America (Airing in Las Vegas, Palm Springs & San Francisco) Episode #7 highlights some of the biggest female vocals in the game then manages to blend it all with some serious Bangers. A mixture of Girl Fire and Massive tunes is always a good way to keep any party going.

So if you are ready for a 55 minute Mashup Album Mix by DOSVEC – click play and ENJOY


Electronic, Videos | MØ x Diplo – XXX 88

Posted by on September 10, 2013


While certain big-name female celebrities continue to slowly chip away at the world’s image of a role model woman (not pointing any fingers this time), 2013 has fortunately reeled some incredibly talented female acts into the spotlight who go above and beyond to compensate for the wreckage. See: Banks, Jessie Ware, Charli XCX, Lorde, Aluna Francis, just to name a few. And adding to the list I present to you my latest female vocalist of interest, Danish electro-pop songstress MØ (pronounced “moo”). Take one part Scandinavian sweetheart, one part sultry temptress, top it off with a fat gold chain and a ponytail and you’ll get this bonafide badass singer. Check out the video premier of her latest track titled “XXX 88,” produced by the one and only Diplo and you’ll get a feel for what I mean. And if you still want mo’ MØ, keep an eye out for her EP and album release later this season.