Compilation, Hip-Hop | Hip-Hop 2011 [Top 20 Playlist]

Posted by on January 10, 2012

Without further adieu, I’d like to present FNT’s top 20 hip-hop tracks of 2011.  We tried to keep this as un biased as possible by taking contributions from several of the FNT faithful hip-hop heads, but that still doesn’t mean you’re going to agree with it.  Shame on you.  Although I’d bump the majority these songs, there are a couple of tracks that fail to arouse my inner ear drum, some of which I’ll probably be ridiculed for not including in this compilation.   To quote Game, “Sniff a f-cking unemployment line of cocaine, Tie Lil B up to a full tank of propane, Swag, now watch him cook”, this may be my feeling toward some artists that exploded on the scene in 2011.  Am I wrong for hating?

Sound off in the comments section if you believe we missed a song, or if you believe something doesn’t belong.

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