Dubstep | Featured Artist: Haywyre

Posted by on March 29, 2012

Martin Vogt aka Haywyre, has been studying piano since the age of six. His interest in the production of hip-hop, dubstep and electronica began when he lived in Austria. Shortly after moving back to the United States, in 2008, Haywyre was created. Since then he has released four albums, The Voyage being most recent. His inspiration comes from artists such as Opiuo, Noisia, Break, STS9, Pretty Lights, Flying Lotus, Freddy Todd, Trentemoller, Patrick O’Hearn, Kraak & Smaak, Phillip Glass and more. His music production is made possible with FL Studio, Ableton Live, an AKAI MPK 88 midi keyboard, and an Edirol UA-101 Audio Interface.

Haywyre is 19 years old and currently studies Music Business in Minneapolis, MN. This summer he will be performing a few shows in Wisconsin with his friend Mindspyk. Although his future releases have no official dates set yet, he did tell me he has a few EPs lined up with several different labels, including a ‘pay what you want’ release on bandcamp.


The first track on here is an incredible Glitch-Hop preview that Haywyre just uploaded the other day. The track is full of raw energy, his electrified synths really take off with your imagination. Can’t wait to hear when this one will get released.

Released the same day as the preview for ‘Raw Crunch,’ ‘But Now You Say’ is an old dubstep track of Haywyre’s. Old to him, but new to us, the track makes me think of a blend of Pretty Lights and Bassnectar, if they ever joined forces to do a track. It has the mellow, Indie electronic vibes of Pretty Lights, with the deep, smooth bassline like Bassnectar. A must have in my opinion.

The last set of tracks on here are from Haywyre’s most recent EP release, ‘Encompassing.’ Having obtained the EP myself, I really enjoyed both tracks. ‘The Observer’ is a melodic Glitch-Hop track, where as ‘Mono Nova’ is a smooth, but dirty dubstep track.

“The title is based on the assumption that the ‘Waking Life’ reality encompasses our ‘Dreaming Life’ reality. This is symbolized by the two, stonehenge-like structures. Very much so inspired (surprise surprise) by the movie The Waking Life.”

– Haywyre