Hip-Hop | Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums of 2013

Posted by on December 20, 2013

Best of 2013 hh albums
Ah, yes. It’s that time of the year again and although I’m sure your iTunes and Spotify playlists have been inundated with “Top Albums, Videos, Remixes, Puppy GIFS” etc. I figured, “why not add to the mix?”

With that go get ’em attitude in my mind, let me lay out some ground rules for how I decided and debated on this list. First off, this is the top hip-hop albums of 2013, that means no “Acid Rap”, no “Blue Chips”, no “1017 Thug”. There will be a list and a time for those to make their appearance, however, this collection of projects is strictly for artists who released their music in the form of a paid album.

I’m looking forward to sharing this collection with you all, but to be honest, I’m even more excited to have you all criticize me, and make me feel like a worthless nobody because of the albums I missed. So, be sure to toss in some offensive comments below!

Let’s get right in to it…


Hip-Hop | A$AP Ferg – Shabba (ft. A$AP Rocky)

Posted by on July 7, 2013

asap ferg shabba

A$AP Ferg, who? Isn’t he that guy with that one really hoodrat “Work” song? Why yes, yes he is. Although, it appears that Ferg is no longer the one-hit trap star that most of us thought he was. Drafting the support of A$AP collective member A$AP Rocky, Ferg delivers yet another banger to blast throughout your suburban towns and private school parking lots.

“Shabba” is a single off of the so-aptly-titled mixtape, Trap Lord. I’ll have to deduct points for the originality of the mixtape name, but I believe Darold Ferguson Jr. (yes, that is his birth-name) has truly earned his “lord” label as he was no stranger to the vicious streets of Harlem while growing up.

If you can get past the fifteen seconds of “uhhh”‘s at the start of “Shabba”, you are in for a real treat. Check back in on August 20th for the full A$AP Ferg mixtape.

Mashups | John Marr, DJ Fergie Ferg and Knot Clothing | Mashups

Posted by on February 5, 2011

My buddy over at Knot Clothing & Belt Co sent me some solid gear to field test during winter break. And you know what, I’m pretty sure I went ten for ten with my Trout Belt and shades to match. If you’re looking to pick up some apparel that’s a little different than your average Vineyary Vine selection, why knot just check out their selection? And since this is much more than a stuck up brand, I’ve included some jams to compliment the party lifestyle that Knot strives to embody.

Featured Track:
DOWNLOAD: John Marr – Sometimes Cooler Than Me (Mike Posner vs Miami Horror)


DOWNLOAD: DJ Fergie Ferg – Don’t Have Much Money (Wiz Khalifa x Ellie Goulding) — Dope

DOWNLOAD: John Marr – Chasing Kylie (Snow Patrol vs Kylie Minogue)


Mainstream Remix, Mashups | DJ Fergie Ferg- Mikey Will Rock You (The Cool Kids x Queen)

Posted by on August 18, 2010

DJ Fergie Ferg has been an artist that’s really caught our attention as of late. His remixes and mash-ups have been regularly featured in our legendary “Techno Heat” posts. Ferg caught up with us recently and was kind enough to bless up with an exclusive track. For more information from Ferg, check him out on Facebook here.

DJ Fergie Ferg- Mikey Will Rock You (The Cool Kids x Queen)