Albums | Elohim’s Position Music Release ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ Exemplifies Her Resilience & Success

Posted by on January 27, 2024

Elohim is back with her latest single “Can’t Remember Your Name,” now out. This track comes on the heels of “Broken Face,” and dives even deeper into her personal experiences, particularly her battle with anxiety and the challenges of medication dependence during her 2023 tour.

This new song is a perfect blend of Elohim’s signature style – think dance vibes with a heavy dose of bass. It’s got those catchy synths and deep basslines that just pull you in. Elohim’s voice, as always, is a dream to listen to, floating over the music with lyrics that are super honest and straight from the heart. She talks about her tough times with anxiety and how medication played a big role in her life.

What makes “Can’t Remember Your Name” really stand out is how it feels like Elohim is just having a heart-to-heart with you. It’s like she’s sharing a piece of her life story, and it’s easy to connect with what she’s saying. The song isn’t just about the struggles, it’s about getting through them and coming out stronger.

Elohim has this way of turning her personal stories into songs that are not only great to listen to but also make you feel something. With this single, she continues to show how genuine she is as an artist. “Can’t Remember Your Name” is truly something special.

Electro-House, Electronic, Indie, Mainstream Remix | Electronic, Remix |Wheathin Drops Festival Ready Remix of Elohim’s “Sensations”

Posted by on May 17, 2016

If you’re not a fan of Wheathin already, allow me to convert you. Remember the Elohim track “Sensations” that dropped about a month ago? Well he just released a remix of it, and it’s even catchier than the original.

He leaves the verse relatively untouched, allowing Elohim’s vocals to carry you through the musical backdrop. With rhythmic hand claps and an epic synth-laden drop, this track is both chilled and dance-worthy. The 17-year-old producer has been crafting an impressive array of tracks lately, including remixes of Louis The Child, Ty Dolla $ign, and a collaborative remix with Next Wave artist Bearson.

It seems his forte is taking unexpected indie and pop tracks and painting them with his metaphoric electronic brush. On this one, he turns Elohim’s mysterious and sensual release and turns it into a huge, festival ready banger. Check out the rest of his music on SoundCloud and grab a limited free download while you can.