Electronic | Elephante’s “Closer” gets a fantastic twist from Aash Mehta

Posted by on June 3, 2016

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Aash Mehta has been on a roll! Having recently dropped remixes for Kap Slap, Gazzo, and Molly Moore – Aash is back with a remix of Elephante’s newest track, “Closer”. Aash said it perfectly, so I’ll let him do the talking here: “I had the honor of sharing the stage with Elephante about a few months ago in Detroit – and when he dropped this track at the show, I instantly fell in love. When it was officially released, I hit up Phante’s team and they were kind enough to let me put my spin on this bad boy. I like to think of what I did with this remix as “melodic, yet powerful”. I really wanted to bring out the emotion of the vocal and paint a picture for the listener – but also combine it with an energetic drop to keep it perfect for the dance floor.” This track has been supported by Phante himself, so be sure to check it out now and grab that free download!

Electronic | Elephante’s “Closer” gets flipped by Virtu

Posted by on May 5, 2016

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A lot of us have been bumping Elephante’s “Closer” multiple times a day since its release a few weeks ago. With such a great original, remixes are held to a high standard. Today, we have the first “Closer” remix by artist Virtu, and man did he hit the mark. Unleashing a Future Bass spin on the track, Virtu combines elements of the original while adding his unique sound – creating something that will please fans of the original while also spreading the track to a whole new audience. This one is a free download, so be sure to grab the track now and let us know what you think!