Hip-Hop, Videos | The King’s Dead – Mighty California [Music Video]

Posted by on September 26, 2012

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One of my person favorites off The King’s Dead debut project, “Jerusalem, is now here in visual form.  Aziz and Alexander have always been involved the production of their visuals and now that they are represented by their independent film movement, Vérité Films, they played an even more instrumental role in the creation of “Mighty California”.  Co-Directed/Produced by Elan Alexanberg of FTS Creative, The King’s Dead once again creates a spectacle of creativity.

“The “Mighty California” Video was inspired by Salvador Dali’s first movie “Un Chien”. The confusing non existent sense of time the film portrayed inspired Aziz Francois to create his own modern day version. A blend of Al Pacino’s “Scarface” and Dali’s “Un Chien” come together to create Mighty California. A Story about Aziz escaping two prostitutes who hold him hostage in a hotel, until he escapes 

to find revenge. The goal was to create something where the viewer wasn’t just left confused, but able to piece the story together themselves instead of it being your typical rap in front of camera hip hop video. We developed characters that you need to establish on your own. In the end it becomes your video, and it means what ever you want it too; allowing the fans to become part of the vision.”
DOWNLOAD: The King’s Dead – Mighty California
DOWNLOAD: The King’s Dead – Jerusalem [Mixtape]
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