Electronic | Eko Zu and KillWill Drop Gritty, Catchy Dance Release “Dose of The Dark “ on Westwood X

Posted by on April 28, 2020

With absolutely infectious pop aesthetics built into this hard-hitting bass track, Eko Zu and KillWill have aligned super creative elements from the bass and trap world to form something melodic, catchy, and lyrically driven streamlined to the listener.

With both acts having their own base audience and performance spots under their belt, their match on a musical direction adds to what makes “Dose of the Darkside” go so right.

Released on Westwood X, this will be one release certain to make its way to the live-performance circuit (whether that be on or offline.)

Trap | Eko Zu Collaborates With AHEE, Creating Hyrbid Single Titled “Horizon (feat. Lei)”

Posted by on March 12, 2020

Social content, festival / event spots, all with a vision and look that’s all their own, these are a few commonalities that seemed to have attracted two artistic creatives, Eko Zu and Ahee. “Horizon” is the energetic, warm-filled dance release that burst with a balance of originality and familiarity.

Eko Zu, having a member shift that now has the group looking like a solo act, shows no sign of slowing down in 2020 given the change. With music that reflects a seasoned veteran and a keen ear on who he works with, this Eko Zu team-up with AHEE is not one to look over.

Check out the song in full above.

Nu Disco | Eko Zu Release Disco Single “We Found Love”

Posted by on June 5, 2017

Eko Zu have unleashed their next addition to what has been a string of groovy disco vocal singles that have the West Coast filling up personable venues and tracking their latest moves – this one entitled “We Found Love”. Featuring technical vocal verses, the layering of groovy drums and funky guitar and bass is what makes this one hit the sweet spot.

There are several aspects that make this group appealing, some of the best being the art that they surround each release with, the synergy between the band, and the forward thinking mindset they are pushing through there releases that is for a pretty specific niche; all while having a jump–in–and–dance live music feel to it.


Future Funk, Nu Disco | FNT Premiere: Eko Zu’s “All I Ever” Uniquely Mixes Live Instruments With Electronic Off Of “Eternal Eyes” EP

Posted by on February 24, 2017

This eccentric and diverse trio has a rather different back-story from your every day producers. Eko Zu is a musical trio that consists of the melody weaver Zu’ri, nimble songstress Zu’CH3N, and frequency shaper Zu’Ian. Discovered on Eko Isle, a little known deserted island in the Mariana Archipelago, they are the only known example of Animal-Human hybrid evolution. On mastering the mystic songs of the Pacifc, protecting the island from hoards of poachers, and learning the tongue of every beast in the Jungle, Eko Isle accepted them as her own. The ritual took 155 days; their physiques were transformed into hybrid creatures; they claim to have no memory of the process, or have kept the island’s secret. In bringing the sounds of the Eko Isle to our spirits, the Zu remind us to connect with the animal world, mother nature, the planet, the green spaces, the love places; to remember our inner ravens; to beat as one with the heart of the jungle.

“All I Ever” is the last track they are revealing, but the EP is consisting of 5 tracks including an official remix of Glitch Mob’s “Fly By Night Only,” the EP incorporates groovy disco-inspired beats paired with funky guitars and cheerful vocals. The first single “Let Me Fall” is the perfect track that brings you an immediate connection with their music, with catchy synth melodies and beautiful vocals. This trio offers their listeners stellar production combined with a creative and unique flare that is cherished amongst today’s saturated market and this is how they set themselves apart.

House | MalLabel and Eko Zu Team Up For Powerful House Original “Let Me Fall”

Posted by on November 17, 2016

MalLabel is a San Fransico based level showcasing several new releases per week, the latest being an Eko Zu release, entitled “Let Me Fall” paired with a music video, which you can find above. The music video is more of a visual accompaniment than a full-on story, but the vibe fit. The feel is trippy and enjoyable regardless, fitting the vibe of the original.

Eko Zu impresses me with their style and branding, they are a trio, with a dark theme and some members wearing mysterious masks. Not your typical solo DJ here.

“Let Me Fall” is hard not to enjoy, the beat sets a nice tone that’s easy to get into, while the vocal takes the experience to the next level.