Hip-Hop, Pop | Double Vision – Geronimo

Posted by on April 25, 2013

Double Vision - Geronimo

The South Boston duo, Double Vision, puts out another hit party track to celebrate life with us. These guys always seem to find the right balance between Pop and Hip-Hop, delivering verses and hooks that are radio ready. This is the second time in a row that Double Vision has got me singing along with their music. I can’t deny how catchy this is, these raps and hooks are pure gold. You just have to jump in on this track, “Geronimo!”


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Hip-Hop, Pop | Double Vision – Right Here

Posted by on January 25, 2013

Double Vision


This is quite the jam from duo Double Vision. This would be their second single release from their upcoming album “Neon Shades.” The first thing about this track that caught my attention was the uplifting hook that many have grown to love from other groups such as Timeflies. Honestly if I wasn’t told who did this song I might have quickly mistaken it as a new track from Cal and Rez. The production from Lü Balz on this track is flawless, the beat matches to the verses and hook, and progresses perfectly through each part of the song. Seriously though, the hook on this track is too good. Big ups to Double Vision on this monster.


Free Download: Double Vision – Right Here

Featured, Hip-Hop | Double Vision – That’s Dirty (Ft. Nox Beatz) and Double Vision w/The Dean’s List Ticket Giveaway!

Posted by on August 24, 2012

Double Vision is back like never before, coming off their successful month-long music marathon. The duo brought the noise, spitting out their best verses to date. “That’s Dirty” is an undoubtedly upbeat, party jam. Produced by and featuring Nox Beatz, Double Vision has shown us a new chapter in their musical careers. If you were on the fence about 2xV’s music before, I guarantee this track will leave you saying “That’s Dirty!”




Double Vision is putting on a show with The Dean’s List on September 25th at The Middle East Night Club in Cambridge, MA. There are going to be 2 tickets given away. You can enter for the chance to win by first liking Double Vision’s Facebook and then just share their post about this track. Winners will be chosen at random next week.


Hip-Hop, Videos | Double Vision – Day Off (Official Video)

Posted by on April 16, 2012

Hours after not only the Boston Marathon but their Double Vision Music Marathon, Double Vision kindly gave us some visuals to one of their tracks off their latest EP. The video really depicts their style of music: having fun. Again, these guys did a great job of getting us so many tracks in such a short amount of time, so lets show them some love by downloading the EP’s and hitting them up on Facebook and Twitter below.

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Hip-Hop | Double Vision Music Marathon PT. 4 – Copley Square

Posted by on April 16, 2012

Double Vision unveils their final piece of the music marathon. This time they go for more of a pop sound with the tracks, even sampling Van Halen and Gotye. These guys have done some great work in such a short amount of time so make sure not to just check this EP out but also their other one’s. Make sure to hit them up on Facebook and Twitter below.

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Hip-Hop | Double Vision Music Marathon Pt. 3 Heartbreak Hill

Posted by on April 9, 2012

Double Vision releases part three of their music marathon today, and is it a good one. What they do a great job of is mixing the pop and hip hop sounds to create their form of hip-pop. The last and final leg is next Monday so if you’re missing any of the other EP’s, I suggest you check them out. Make sure to hit them up on Twitter and Facebook below and look back next Monday! #RunWith2XV

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Hip-Hop | Double Vision Music Marathon Pt. 2 – Screech Tunnel

Posted by on April 2, 2012

Double Vision at it again. This time they bring us their second installment of their Music Marathon. The guys bring it beginning to end, killing the whole EP. You’re gonna want to grab this like the other one. If you missed the first EP, you can grab that here. Hit them up on Facebook and Twitter.