Hip-Hop, Preview | Clams Casino Ft. MF DOOM – Bookfiend

Posted by on April 29, 2013

MF DOOMI know last week I posted a remix mixtape someone did of MF DOOM, but I am more excited to be posting up this fresh track from the master lyricist. Collaborating with one of Hip-Hop’s top producers right now, Clams Casino and MF DOOM were meant to work together. Clams did a incredible job on this usual DOOM vibed beat, it really sets up MF DOOM to spit as he does, with the the utmost understandings of the universe. No release date yet, but this track will release sometime this year.

Clams Casino | MF DOOM

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Grip Grand – GG DOOM! BUT HOW?

Posted by on April 24, 2013

GG DOOMA San Francisco native going by the name, Grip Grand, took it upon himself to use 12 different acapellas from the legendary MF DOOM and remix them into this mixtape. MF DOOM, who is known for not being accepting of remixes of his works, actually posted this up on his Facebook, mind blown. After taking a full listen to the mixtape, I understand why the rapper was ok with these remixed works. The beats do not only sound like classic DOOM, but the other samples used in the tracks leave me wondering if he actually played a part in the production of these. Whether or not he actually did (most likely not), it is really cool to see him support remixes of his works like this.


Free Download: Grip Grand – GG DOOM! BUT HOW?