Bass | Circus Records Inks Single Deal With New-Found Artist Doctor Neiman on “What About Love”

Posted by on February 12, 2021

“What About Love,” assembles an eclectic balance of what many would consider ‘conflicting’ themes or genres. Yet, like the arena Snails! and Sullivan King relatively pioneered over the past couple of years, the single properly contributes and glorifies the space where the two competing themes can meet.

The outcome is a well transformative single.

Doctor Neiman, a fairly new alias that comes from a well-seasoned musician, is just kicking up the dust of a project that now includes the support and signing of Circus Records, but is expected to included many more releases signed by a similar vein of upper-echelon bass labels in due time.

“Let Go,” was released on Excision-owned Subsidia Records in early 2021. “What About Love,” follows soon after, showcasing a spike-of-sorts of overall activity and content from Doctor Neiman.

Clearly climbing to a pace with the goal to maintain, the thriving electronic musician with little known about him is generating plenty of buzz for all the right reasons.