House, Videos | Silver Medallion – Live For The Weekend [Music Video]

Posted by on March 26, 2013

Silver Medallion just dropped a brand new single and music video today entitled “Live For The Weekend”. With production from Drunk Dial along with DJ Fresh Direct, this latest single is not one to miss. It lives up to it’s name and will surely make you want to live for the weekend or at the very least wish the weekend was here already. Watch the music video and download the song below.

Download: Silver Medallion – Live For The Weekend

DJ-Set | Silver Medallion & DJ Fresh Direct – XNX Vol. 3 [DJ Mix]

Posted by on March 18, 2013


Silver Medallion and DJ Fresh Direct released their third installment of their XNX mix series. It is full of the hottest Trap and Dubstep that you’ve come to expect from the series, so play this loud. Tracklist after the jump.

“Normally we post something funny here about things like pr interns, Kirill, club girlz and playing Edward 40 Hands on a Hamptons luxury liner but really we just want you to book us to play your parties so we can convince the powers that be that we’re cool enough to spin some dance festivals ya know?” – Silver Medallion & Dj Fresh Direct


Trap | Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (DJ Fresh Direct Turnt Up Bootleg)

Posted by on February 11, 2013


DJ Fresh Direct reworks Kendrick Lamar’s hit single “Swimming Pools” into a turnt up monstrosity combining the song with Gents & Jawns’ “Turn Up”. Warning, this bootleg isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s starts off normal enough but then tranforms into a huge Trap banger.


Electronic, Trap | Silver Medallion – Xanaxland (prod. DJ Fresh Direct) [Free EP]

Posted by on December 14, 2012

What is Xanaxland? Here’s is a defintion courtesy of Silver Medallion:

Xanaxland [zan-ex land]
1. A place where youth, despair and love collide.
2. A place inhabited by a generation fueled by prescribed emotions.
3. The angst fueled dance culture of the metropolis.
4. Musical collaboration between Silver Medallion & DJ Fresh Direct.

This latest project from Silver Medallion with production from DJ Fresh Direct lets the constrictions of genre go to create a indie rock trap psychedelic house project that they can just call their music. Comprised of four excellent track including the previous leaks “Hey Cinderella” and “Money Can’t Buy”, the project spans from pop, trap to even a little rock. The more rock-oriented track “Burn” is definitely a very different sound from what you usually hear from Silver Medallion but sounds just as natural. Stream the whole project below and grab the free download if you like what you hear.

Free Download: Silver Medallion – Xanaxland (prod. DJ Fresh Direct) [Free EP]

Electronic, Videos | Silver Medallion – Drunk Dial Princess (prod. by DJ Fresh Direct) [Music Video]

Posted by on December 11, 2012

In anticipation of Silver Medallion & DJ Fresh Direct’s upcoming XANAXLAND project dropping tomorrow, the two have released the visuals for a newly heard song off the EP entitled “Drunk Dial Princess”. The song has a Kid Cudi meets Santigold type-feel to it and hard to quite pin down genre-wise. Read what Silver Medallion had to say about the song below and stay tuned for XANAXLAND dropping tomorrow.

“There comes a time in every club girl’s life when her phone only rings after 2am and she realizes she hasn’t gone in a date during the daytime in weeks. All her friends are other girls seated at the promoter dinner fighting over appetizers, waiting for their walk-in at whatever hotspot the latest starlet made the news at. She and her neighbor at the table compare fake IDs, and they debate the most endearing way to ask their fathers to raise their allowance. At least she doesn’t live in a hallway separated by sheets like the models, but this isn’t exactly Sex In The City either. Some fall further down the rabbit hole, some crawl their way out, either way they eventually meet Silver Medallion or DJ Fresh Direct on their way and phone numbers are exchanged. This is the cycle of the Drunk Dial Princess.” – Silver Medallion

Trap | DJ Fresh Direct – Mary-Kate and Ashley

Posted by on November 15, 2012

What may be the greatest track ever with the Mary-Kate and Ashley name on it, DJ Fresh Direct comes with a huge Trap banger sampling one of the most memorable lines from Kanye West on “Niggas In Paris”. With monstrous bass and an addictive vocal loop, this may be one of my favorite Trap tracks to be released yet. First premiered on Shade45 by DJ Wonder on the Sway in the Morning show, DJ Fresh Direct just dropped this today as a free download, so grab it now and be sure to become a fan of DJ Fresh Direct on Facebook.

“What began as a well-needed distraction from a late night studio session at the end of October, quickly evolved into the carefully placed sample chops and thunderous 808s that is now “Mary-Kate & Ashley”. In the month preceding it’s release, “Mary-Kate & Ashley” has already rattled radio stations, concert venues and dance floors across the country through the support of some of the top nightclub DJs in America.” – DJ Fresh Direct

Alternative, Pop | Silver Medallion – Money Can’t Buy [Music Video]

Posted by on September 24, 2012

Last month, Silver Medallion and some his homies helped throw a NYC party inside a Dim Sum restaurant in Chinatown, which turned into the perfecting setting to film the music video for the second single “Money Can’t Buy” off Silver Medallion & DJ Fresh Direct’s upcoming project together, Xanaxland. Ginger Riot filmed the whole night so you can see what a night out in NYC with Silver Medallion and his posse is like while they get sloppy, steal pizzas and generally wild out. If you look closely you can even spot cameos from Cam’ron and Riff Raff in the video. Following up from their genre-bending “Hey Cinderella”, Silver Medallion & DJ Fresh Direct combine elements of Alternative, Trap, Pop to make their ode to the end of summer.