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Posted by on August 10, 2010

DJ Philistine put together some filthy mashups for the FNT fan base, definitely give them all an ear (watch out your lobes might get wet especially with “Call On My Back”. “Get Down To Blow” is ill too)
DJ Philistine – Call On My Back
DJ Philistine – Get Down to Blow
DJ Philistine – I Remember Day N’ Nite

When DJ Swaraj isn’t killing the NYC club scenes with his spinning skills, he’s putting together filthy beats. Here’s an electro house beat that’ll appeal to all of our bass-heads.
Swaraj – Release the Fusion

Just another Top 40 remix by Dj Dark Intensity, as usual expect to see this on BPM in the near future.
Ke$ha – Take If Off (Dark Intensity Remix) [Radio Edit]

For some reason I’ve developed this loyalty to Boston which strikes me as odd considering I hate “Massholes”. At any rate, I just love this anthem it’s a little raw and touchy in some spots but it works for me.
Wambo – Welcome to the Bridge

Trinity College’s next prodigy? Sound off in the comment section with your thoughts about this freshman.
Kardi – Joke! (Prod. Dru Classic)

When I see something Justice League, I always post because I know it’s going to be sick. This track is no exception. They are hands down the best producers in the game.
K-os- ft. Drake- Faith