Dubstep, Electro-House | Dubstep, Dutchstep, and Glitchstep (Dj Coman Introduction)

Posted by on May 26, 2011


This track is sick, the beat compliments the vocals perfectly.

DOWNLOAD: Crackspiders Pitch – Just A Lady

This track is a bit repeatitive, but you get hooked instantly.

DOWNLOAD: Charolette Gainsbourg – Trick Pony (Boys Noize)


This track is a first for me, I have never really heard a successful dutch and dubstep blend. This track is undoubly incredible.

DOWNLOAD: Johnny Love – Sonora (Udachi Remix)


For those of you that know No from the chatbox, he goes by Dj Coman when producing some tracks of his own. He is a Phi Kappa Sigma Skull at Purdue and only started working on tracks about a month ago. He and I actually did a collaberation together on one of them. Feel free to check him out on SOUNDCLOUD.

DOWNLOAD: Dj Coman – To Hell With It (With Friends and Fucking Die Remix)


DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – All I Ask Of You (12th Planet Remix) (Preview Reloop)