Electronic | dEVOLVE And Breikthru Captures Pure And Captivating Moods in “Deep In My Heart” Collaberation

Posted by on September 26, 2020

“Deep In My Heart,” by dEVOLVE & Breikthru featuring Saint Wade, delivers more than a fair shake from the Florida-based artists

Well-crafted pop moments with electrifying sonic infections formulate a perfect storm of dance, pop, and a bit of hard-to-title zest straight from the brain of dEVOLVE – locking the listeners attention in on the song fervently.

The solo DJ/producer dEVOLVE has played dozens of shows, has had his sound exposed to music fans around the world, and tends to heavily participate in annual can’t-miss dance experiences like Miami Music Week.

dEVOLVE represents more than just music, connect with him on socials to experience a deeper journey.