Chill | Sango – Me de Amor (Feat. Gaiola Das Popozudas)

Posted by on January 23, 2014


I was already impressed by the amount depth Sango shows in all of his work –  how he utilizes a skill set that generates records with a completely unique, subtle intricacy that most artists wish they could duplicate. Now, after listening to his brand new album “Da Rocinha 2,” released just this morning, I’ve found myself legitimately struggling not to exaggerate how much I like it so I don’t overhype it for all of you.

Posted below is one of the new tracks off Rocinha 2 (Rocinha is a small farm town in Brazil – notice the Portuguese song titles) that showcases a fresh piano sample mixed with a clean 808 background, most notably with a classic Sango, full-bodied bass line; it’s been titled “Me de Amor,” which roughly translates to  “I Love.” If you like it after you listen to it, and believe me, you should, then go check out the full album on Bandcamp – only $1 for 13 well-produced tracks. Doesn’t matter if you’re a rapper looking for something to dub over, or if you just want something chill to bang this weekend, go check this guy out.

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