Albums | KAM Royal — Still Waters [Mixtape] + One Time [Music Video]

Posted by on July 22, 2012

Way too many people have been sleeping on this tape. I’ve always paid attention to KAM’s moves, but only after posting the Time Out Club posse cut “Cosmic Consciousness” (on which he has the first verse) did I decide to take a deeper look. His most recent tape—a collaboration with Kid Vision (the beat virtuoso behind “Cosmic Consciousness”)—features what is by far the most mature sound we’ve heard from KAM, yet with all his idiosyncrasies and characteristic humor intact. This project flows extraordinarily well for a mixtape— which is largely a nod to Kid Vision—who provides one of the most impressive album-length backdrops that you’ll ever hear on a free mixtape. And there’s KAM’s wit, sharpness, and personality, which permeates every track. Still Waters is a tribute to the movement of artists trying to bring underground hip-hop back towards substance and quality, steering clear of the pop-oriented punchline rap that is quickly saturating the blogosphere.

As a bonus, KAM dropped off the tape’s first video, to one of my favorite tracks “One Time.” Enjoy this laid-back, playful visual and be sure to cop the tape—I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

KAM Royal — Still Waters [Mixtape]

“Still Waters” cover art—painted by Kid Vision


Hip-Hop, Videos | Kinetics — Cosmic Consciousness feat. Kam Royal, Money Mars & KTSB [Music Video]

Posted by on July 14, 2012

In accordance with his new mixtape release, With A Little Help From My Friends, Kinetics has just released a video for “Cosmic Consciousness”, the conceptual posse cut featuring Kam Royal, Money Mars & KTSB. The track sports an intro from 1979 Vietnam musical Hair, and a daze-inducing instrumental from Kid Vision (who also produced another standout mixtape cut, the previously released “845”) with hazy, muted synths and brawny drums that the four emcees flex over, with cognizant and abstract rhymes. The video, shot by Hickory Lawson, captures the same feel through nebulous shots of the artists trading verses in Times Square and Central Park. If you haven’t downloaded the mixtape yet, you can find it here, and for all others, enjoy this mellow track and visual.

Hip-Hop | Rafter – No F*cking Around (Kinetics & One Love Remix)

Posted by on February 8, 2012

Kinetics & One Love recently spun up the Californian pop group, Rafter’s track, which will be featured on their upcoming project Cross-Fading Back To Normal.  With a little background synthesizing on top of this catchy poppy seed beat from One Love, Kinetics shared some enlightening bars as usual.  They also released a teaser video for their new track, “Cosmic Consciousness”, which you can view below or head over to DJBooth to take a listen to the track in full.  In top of Cross-Fading Back To Normal, Kinetics & One Love will be releasing a full, all original, album in the coming months.

P.S. Does album art get any better than this?

DOWNLOAD: Rafter – No F*cking Around (Kinetics & One Love Remix)

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