Electronic, Videos | Kaytranada – At All (Video)

Posted by on October 2, 2013

I don’t know if y’all are onto this yet but Kaytranada is basically one of the coolest producers out there right now. I mean, over pretty much any big artists in the game, I’d wanna kick it with him. Not only does he come off trill af, but this guy is in a whole other playing field, struttin’ to the beat of his own 808. And his music video for “At All” that just dropped today is the perfect example. I don’t wanna spoil it for you but really, who can make hanging out with female body builders look like the sweetest thing in the world? Not many.

But we’re here for the music anyways, right? In an interview with Noisey, Kaytranada broke down his creative process for this track in particular:

“I was in Paris when I did that song and I just wanted to make a track because I had producer’s block when I was on tour and I couldn’t do any music. I had this long break when I was in Paris though so I decided to take this Chaka Khan song. It’s one of my favourites called “I Love You, I Live You” and I just did random stuff. I usually play with the pitch of the sample but this time I just messed with it. I thought I’d bring something new to the table because not a lot of producers play with their style like that. The drums are like what I usually do with other songs.”

You can purchase his much-anticipated EP via HW&W Recordings on October 16th, and catch him live on tour with Groundislava and Jerome LOL. Check here for dates. In the meantime you can get back to your workout, and don’t forget: friends don’t let friends skip leg day.


Pop, RnB | Chaka Khan ft Lecrae – It’s Not Over

Posted by on July 22, 2013

Chaka Khan

This might be a first for Fresh New Tracks, but I’m a fan of this record, and felt the need to share. Chaka Khan is a legend, and this track is just too dope. If only Kanye used another sample of hers on Yeezus, like he did with “Through the Wire,” maybe it would have sold more copies, and gone more mainstream, but not my problem at the moment… Chaka Khan still has it and I’m loving it! LeCrae is the man as well, he hops on this track with that TI swag, that Drake flow, and keeps it all positive. So if you’re feeling down, and you want some uplifting music, this track is a Must Listen!

iTunes: Chaka Khan ft Lecrae – It’s Not Over

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And on another note, New York City’s own DJ Prime sent over this remix the other day for his latest single “So Fly” featuring Oh Snap!! , and it’s been creeping up on me. Suraci turned this radio pop banger into a sexy club track for the Summer. I strongly suggest you check this track out. Nothing but a good time!

iTunes: DJ Prime ft Oh Snap!! – So Fly (Suraci Remix)

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