News | G4G Initiative Is Emazing Lights’ Best Move Yet

Posted by on December 20, 2015


There are few times where a story goes beyond the music / product / festival, and it is those times I am happy to share most about.

Emazing Lights, known around the word for their foundation of the gloving movement, their Shark Tank appearance, and sister clothing company iHeartRaves, has got the internet buzzing about one fan’s life that’s been changed forever from gloving. His name is Matthew.

Matthew deals with cerebral palsy and a paraplegic disability. He is only 17. Like any American with a disability at school, students and life in general isn’t always kind to people in Matthew position; but it was one action from a single individual that changed his life.


After seeing Matthew casually practicing arm and finger whips and dance motions, his brother suggested that he get into gloving.

One glove set and a handful of practice sessions later, Matthew was deep into a new hobby that not only brought a new form joy and happiness into his life, but also improved cognitive abilities once hindered by his disorders.

Shocked, Matthew’s parents contacted Emazing Lights to tell them how there son’s finger dexterity and arm mobility improved. This connection between EL and Matthews family inspired a series of actions which will now have an impact that reaches far beyond the two groups.


After meeting the CEO and learning about the new, but unanticipated medical benefits of Gloving, Emazing Lights has started a charity initiative entitled “Glove 4 Glove” which boast a massive, but noble undertaking: for every glove set sold, Emazing Lights will donate one glove set to someone in need.

If that’s not an inspiring story, I don’t know what is. Emazing Lights has set a standard that other EDM accessory companies should strive for.

The Glove 4 Glove initiative is well underway. To learn about G4G or how Matthew’s life has changed, follow the links below.

News | Nicky Romero, Pretty Lights, Oliver Heldens, and More Added to EDMbiz 2015 Schedule

Posted by on June 10, 2015


Just a few days after unveiling the initial programming for the 4th annual EDMbiz Conference & Expo, the Insomniac-hosted conference has finalized the full agenda and list of speakers slated to make the trek to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas on June 16th – 18th. In what promises to be their biggest and best conference yet, EDMbiz 2015 will welcome three new additions to the Fourth Annual Artist Panel, including Nicky Romero, Pretty Lights, and Oliver Heldens. In addition to a coveted spot on the artist panel, Heldens and his team will also be holding their own panel, Team Oliver Heldens, to discuss the Dutch youngster’s meteoric rise to superstardom. EDMbiz 2015 will also host a number of brand new panels including Boombox: A&R and How to Get Signed, Drugs in Dance Music: It’s Time to Talk, and What Is a DJ In 2015, amongst more additions. With such a widespread range of panel topics, this year’s conference will touch upon some of the most pressing issues in dance music. Badges to EDMbiz 2015 are still available, and you can register for yours here.


News | EDMbiz Announces 2015 Panels & Speakers Featuring Pasquale Rotella, James Barton, and More

Posted by on June 1, 2015


Since its inception in 2012, the EDMbiz Conference & Expo has led the charge for both industry executives and hopefuls, as it’s one of the largest gatherings of the entire dance music ecosystem, from influential power players, to international artists, to aspiring industry hopefuls. Taking place June 16-18, EDMbiz offers three days of keynote presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, as industry leaders like Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac, and Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat, come together to discuss dance music and its current happenings. In addition to two brand new contests, the Insomniac-hosted conference has announced the first phase of their programming, including panels, keynote sessions, and speakers. Badges to EDMbiz 2015 are still available, and you can register for one here.



Dubstep, Electro, Electro-House, Preview | Feed Me – Death By Robot EP

Posted by on January 10, 2013

Feed Me (AKA Spor) has been very busy the past months, it’s not easy being the CEO of Deadmau5′ record label, Mau5trap, while owning your own Drum & Bass label, Lifted. You can tell he enjoys his work though, which is why this next EP of his will be just as good as the last. Every new EP of his seems to reflect different styles. I don’t think he’s lost but I do believe he loves trying any and everything. His new EP title track “Death By Robot” sounds like it is going to be the best Electro-House track he has ever done. I know that is a tall order, but just from this small clip I am dying to have a full copy. “Gravel” is a dirty sounding Electro and Tech-House blend. Could be a little repetitive for some, but I feel like in a live setting it is just what the doctor ordered. “Dial Up Days” was a little hard for me to decipher, it’s Dubstep but Breakbeat but also Nu-Dance. Besides confusing this turned out to be a really cool, not your usual, laid back tune to dance to. Only six days away, Feed Me’s new EP releases on January 6th.


Review | A Night Out With…Sex Ray Vision & Basic Physics

Posted by on April 1, 2012

“You’re joining us for dinner at Mr. Masero, right?” Lauren Saks-Merriman, CEO and co-founder of Black Book Music Group, asks as I prepare for Basic Physics and Sex Ray Vision’s set at Rio Room in Dallas. “Of course” I respond. “What time would you like to meet?”

“What would you like to drink?” asks the bartender as I wait in anticipation for their arrival. I look at my watch, I’m ten minutes early. What was I thinking, I murmur to myself. Artists are always late. “Make that another”, I request of the bartender. He obliges kindly.

Suddenly, Ravi Parikh of Sex Ray Vision and Alex Syse of Basic Physics walk in accompanied by a Lauren Saks-Merriman, who happens to be pregnant. She’s a mere four weeks away from her due date and she’s texting the promoter furiously while wearing a tan blazer. “They’re trying to cut our set short” she explains. Basic Physics, sitting to my left chimes in with an easy confidence “We’ll just have to prove ourselves. I’m not concerned.”