Dubstep | R Rated # 28

Posted by on May 9, 2012

I realize that our past R posts have started with previews and end with the free downloads, that’s not right so this week we are taking R back to front…in fact I decided to screw the previews/purchases and replace them with more free tracks. Kicking off this week is a bomb from Savant. He recently just lost almost everything on his hard drive, including a good portion of his upcoming EP, ‘Overworld.’ This is one of the few saves he was able to make.

Big Chocolate always drops some quality filth. This remix of his is actually trap, but damn does this deserve to be on R.

Every time I see Jay-Z and Kanye I get excited with the hopes it is the Cazzette remix we are all dying for. Well sadly this is not that remix, but then again should I complain?

Woah, VoidDS brought it with this original. This is dope as hell, the kind of track that artists should be remixing. Not that Call Me Somebody That I Used To Know Maybe crap.


I am really loving all these free originals artists are dropping. This one from Skullee is actually a fun track to listen do, and the drop isn’t too shabby either…it’s actually pretty sick.

Sev hit me up with this…wait what, another original? Hell yea, and funky disco glitch at that. AaA is even a little more famous than the others besides Savant. AaA has created some crazy remixes in the past. I was really excited to get to listen to this and it did not disappoint at all.