Hip-Hop | T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne – Bang Bang Pow Pow

Posted by on November 18, 2011

So we’ve had a few T-Pain tracks released over the past several months that had us wondering whether or not the king of autotune still had gas left in his tank.  Over and over I’ve been telling myself he does even though I haven’t been overly impressed with his music of late.  Fortunately, I think he has finally released something that doesn’t leave me lying to myself.  Pain makes the right decision and links with Weezy, who he always seems to have success with, for the newest single off rEVOLVEr (?).  From what I hear, we can expect this extremely overdue album on December 6th.  Track listing after the break.

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain ft. Lil Wayne – Bang Bang Pow Pow